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Body language dating book - sti dating uk

It could mean that they have a closed mind and are most likely unwilling to listen to the speaker’s viewpoint.Another type of arm gesture also includes an arm crossed over the other, demonstrating insecurity and a lack of confidence.

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Emotions can also be detected through body postures.In most cultures the Head Nod is used to signify 'Yes' or agreement.It's a stunted form of bowing - the person symbolically goes to bow but stops short, resulting in a nod.Combinations of eyes, eyebrow, lips, nose, and cheek movements help form different moods of an individual (example happy, sad, depressed, angry, etc.).Behavioural experiments have also shown that recognition of facial expression is influenced by perceived bodily expression.However, pointing at a person may be viewed as aggressive in other cultures—for example, people who share Hindu beliefs consider finger pointing offensive. Likewise, the thumbs up gesture could show "OK" or "good" in countries like the US, France and Germany.

But this same gesture is insulting in other countries like Iran, Bangladesh and Thailand, where it is the equivalent of showing the middle finger in the US.

"It's a multiple gesture that has three main parts," they continue.

"Exposed palms to show nothing is being concealed in the hands, hunched shoulders to protect the throat from attack, and raised brow, which is a universal, submissive greeting." Hand gestures often signify the state of well-being of the person making them.

In a community, there are agreed-upon interpretations of particular behavior.

Interpretations may vary from country to country, or culture to culture.

In fact some researchers conclude that nonverbal communication accounts for the majority of information transmitted during interpersonal interactions.

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