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With the Thames as its backdrop, this up-and-coming area draws much of its allure from its historical maritime surrounding.

It started as Träteknik Centrum (TTC) in 1982 and then changed to Trätek in 1988.

This can lead to more efficient design of different types of timber bridges.

The project was financed by Vinnova and industry and led by Chalmers University of Technology together with SP Wood Technology, two large wooden bridge producers and six engineering consulting firms in Sweden as partners. SP Wood Technology follows up energy use and indoor climate in Växjö's new tennis center in wood, Södra Climate Arena, that is the first sports hall built with passive house technology. A web portal for acoustics in lightweight structures have been developed within VINNOVA's program of knowledge transfer and utilization of forest and wood industry.

Synergy effects are specifically used in product policy.

As a result, many components for Hitachi products are produced within the company itself.

On the basis of the Geneva Refugee Convention, people are regarded as refugees who are outside their country of origin and are unable or, because of a well-founded fear of being persecuted by state or non-state players, are unwilling to avail themselves of the protection of their country of origin for reasons of An entitlement to protection with regard to the three forms of protection mentioned above – entitlement to asylum, refugee protection and subsidiary protection – cannot be considered if reasons for not qualifying apply.

Autums used to be filled with theme days and conferences at SP, and this year it is more than ever.

Requirements from Scandinavian importers of treated wood contribute to the increased interest in joining the NWPC certification system.

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Hitachi maintains research and development departments in all branches of the company which are continually working on the improvement of products and technologies.

Our new homes team focuses on buy-to-let investors from Asia, who are major players in the Canary Wharf market.