Sqldatasource updating event to check using the debugger

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Sqldatasource updating event to check using the debugger - Free no register mature slags chat sites

And because I am doing inserts and updates with the update code, I think this is where I am having the trouble.I need to allow an update to continue if the datakeyfield is null/empty. So some how I need to convert this null value to a zero before it gets to the sqldatasource update event.

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You can also build data checks into your middle-tier business objects.The pipeline I use is usually setup using this pattern: (1) Sql Data Source. On Item Inserted The Sql Data Source events expose a Sql Data Source Command Event Arg parameter that is much like a Db Command object where you can start a transaction and associate other command objects with the command flowing through the pipeline. If anyone has articles on this or any insight would be appreciated.My question is does automatically dispose of the Sql Data Source Command Event Arg command or must I do it manually? Maintaining Data Integrity You have a number of alternatives for checking data before it goes to the database.You can, of course, use the Data Validators which I'm a big fan of (see my column on Custom Validators ).So I click the edit button on the row, the boxes open up so I can enter data, then click the update link and BOOM.

I get an error saying that the Object cannot be cast from DBNull to other types.There is nothing of any value on the codebehind page. Mainly my problem is an error I get when I try to update a row, saying that it cannot cast a dbnull to any other type.Hello Sheepdog, Please try naming the Update/Delete/Select parameters in your Sql Data Source control with the same name as the corresponding Data Field is called and check if it makes any difference. Even the stored procedure parameters fields are named the same. perhaps I missed one, but I just looked them over again and they look all the same.I am using the latest Ajax Radgrid I have bound it to a SQLdatasource. The problem I am having is the record may not exist yet in the database, so the datakey field may be null.I have stored procs for the update and delete methods of the gridrow. But that is ok, in the stored proc if I see a null datakey field I assume its a new record and do the insert, otherwise I do an update.The Data Source is my last chance to change the query before it goes to the database.