Validating xml through xsd

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3) The script Edit the Script Task and choose your Script Language, hit the edit button to edit the script and copy the code from the main method below to your main method and add the import/include row.

You don't have to create a Connection Manager for the include xsd, because it's included by code. How can I validate an XML file against an XSD with an include (or import) tag? Use the Connection ' Manager to get the path from the XSD file. Although the XML source component honors includes (and imports), the XML task doesn't. You can use a Script Task to validate your XML file against the XSD file. Microsoft is conducting an online survey to understand your opinion of the Msdn Web site.If you choose to participate, the online survey will be presented to you when you leave the Msdn Web site. Specifying a default XSD processor, or configuring a new, custom XSD processor to work Stylus Studio® is easy, just go to "Custom Validation Engines" in the Options panel which displays a list of available XSD Validators that are configured to work with Stylus Studio®.

By default, we've included several of the most popular XSD validators, including MSXML, Xerces, XSV, System.For this example I use three files: movies.xml, movies2and movies2_ Xml; // Added #endregion namespace ST_d2a4d346c17d488da0cd327617293c52 _ Partial Public Class Script Main Inherits Microsoft. 1) New File Connection I will use Connection Managers in this example to make things easier to configure. Right click in the Connection Managers pane and select "New File Connection...". I have an XML file which I want to validate against an XSD file before processing it. However my XSD contains an include (or import) tag and the XML Task will not validate it and throws an error about certain parts that are not declared. VSTARTScript Object Model Base Public Sub Main() ' create object for the XSD file that will be used ' for validating the XML file. XML and others, in addition to the built-in Stylus Studio® XSD processor.