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Their culture flourished from around 900 BC to 200 BC, by which time their influence had been felt across Asia to the northern Black Sea.

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He made the discovery while studying satellite images of the Uyuk Valley, sometimes referred to as the Siberian Valley of the Kings due to the high number of tombs there.

From the article: "It is not yet clear whether the cub was male or female." By today's Political Correctness standards, shouldn't that read, "It is not yet clear whether the cub considered itself to be male or female on the day it died? Why clone an animal that is d8rectly related to other animals we are pushing to extinction. We do n9t need to clone lions to mamahe wild herbivores, we need to let the apex predators do that.

The main benefit from cloning would serve the very wealthy...think big game parks/ zoos...would be morally bereft to clone bring back an animal.treat it so the guy from NY..called the person from the EU a communist...

The earlier pair - named Uyan and Dina - were said to be some 12,000 years old, dating to around the time the species became extinct.

However later research showed them to be up to 55,000 year ago.

Wooden beams found by Dr Caspari during the test excavation date back to the 9th century BC, predating kurgans previously uncovered and excavated in the 1970s.

According to the researchers, the tomb’s inaccessible location in a swampy terrain saved it from being looted.

The animal was aged around one and a half to two months old when it perished.

It is not yet clear whether the cub was male or female.

has started some years after they were already extincted...

Albert, they should clone this animals because their extinction was driven by us, and now Holartic ecosystems lack this fundamental species that kept control of big herbivorous populations. Where the two lion cubs found earlier not candidates for cloning?

I´d love to hear you comment on how the humans might have be the cause of their extinction 20.000-50.000 years ago.

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