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He has super-strength, quickly knocking aside Buffy and Spike, and breaking Rona's arm.Xander and Faith arrive with the back-up team, but Faith is soon knocked unconscious. and I'm telling you right now, she cares more about your lives than you will ever know.

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While they are quick to point out that Faith had killed a vulcanologist, not a Vulcan, they watch Faith (who is exercising in the back yard) with fascination and curiosity.

He gives her a message for the Slayer (which the viewer does not hear at this time), stabs her in the stomach, and forces her out of the car.

Faith and Willow find the girl on their way back to Sunnydale after re-ensouling Angel in Los Angeles and take her to the hospital.

At the school, Buffy and Principal Wood revisit their previous discussion about Spike, and they agree that their alliance against The First Evil is more important than personal agendas.

Robin fires her from her school job, emphasizing the need for her to focus on the mission.

Buffy gathers a group of dismayed Potentials for an attack against Caleb after she and Faith discover his stronghold.

The attack is a disaster; Caleb easily overpowers the whole group, including Buffy, Spike and Faith, killing two potentials and seriously injuring Xander.

Faith leaves the hospital in search of Buffy, despite Willow's protestations that Faith should not approach Buffy alone.

Faith witnesses Spike chasing a girl through a cemetery.

He informs Faith of his relationship with Buffy, which greatly surprises her. She tells Buffy of Caleb's message: He has something of Buffy's.

Buffy comes downstairs and becomes visibly jealous to find them lounging on Spike's bed. Later at the house, Buffy tries to motivate the terrified Potentials to accompany her when she attacks Caleb (who, meanwhile, is re-enacting scenes of his past murders with the First Evil).

She accepts the assistance of a stranger driving a truck and is horrified to discover that she has fallen into a trap.