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CHAD Johnson made himself a headline name in the US thanks to his bad boy role on The Bachlorette in 2016.

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Chad Johnson starred in the twelfth season of hit US reality dating show, The Bachelorette.We received emails from both a contestant and an employee of the production company stating that Chad is demanding that all the black girls be "cut", except for 1.He wants to keep the Latina and brunette white girls who he says are "better" for him.The drama with Chad "Ocho Cinco" Johnson's VH1 reality dating show has already begun.They started filming "The Ultimate Catch" very recently, and we received an interesting letter from a contestant who has already been sent home. Ocho Cinco is not a fan of having black girls on his show.It's really sad to see a man who has entirely black family, including beautiful black children would have such low regard for black women.

I've heard stories about his preference in the past but never in a million year would I think he would make it that obvious, especially knowing that his tv show is not exactly catering to the white folks...

Chad Johnson took part in the third season of Bachelor in Paradise and has hinted that he will return for the fourth season as well.

The reality star was kicked off the show in the third season in 2016 after getting involved in too many aggressive confrontations, having drunken outbursts and pooping his pants.

After meeting in the Celebrity Big Brother house, Chad and Sarah started a public and volatile relationship. But on November 7, 2017 The Sun exclusively reported how the couple split after just three months together.

Sarah Harding has since confirmed the split, saying that they struggled to make a long distance relationship work, but she was also annoyed by his flirting with other women.

"I just guess we got a lot closer and I just had to weigh up the options really."She added that she and Chad has become closer through their friendship, calling him her "best friend in the house".

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