How to stop microsoft updating email

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How to stop microsoft updating email - dating the divorced guy

After that, people will have to pay if they want Redmond's latest operating system, and hopefully the nagging will stop then – but don't bet on it.

Some people are tempted to turn off Windows Update completely to avoid getting the new operating system – don't.Redmond isn't dumb; if the entire office suddenly tried to download and install that much data, the screams would be heard all the way to Seattle.If you want to set up a policy not to download the update, Microsoft has made software updates available for download that will do this automatically for Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2 that are here, and for Windows 8 and above, as well as Server 2012 R2 here.There are a few exceptions: For example, Microsoft will continue to provide support for Internet Explorer 9 on its older Windows Vista after the deadline because it's the latest compatible version for that operating system.But for the most part, users of old browsers will be on their own.If you're using a PC running Windows 7 or 8, you may be getting a little sick of endless popup screens telling you to upgrade to version 10.

And you may be worried about inadvertently installing the upgrade as part of a security update.The shift will basically mean the end of security updates and technical help for versions of Internet Explorer other than 11, the latest iteration.That could leave users clinging to the old versions more vulnerable to cyberattacks against their computers because problems with the software that are discovered down the line won't be fixed.It'll leave your computer vulnerable to attack as you'll no longer get security patches.It's actually rather easy to turn off the Windows 10 upgrade function without losing vital regular software updates.But most everyday users still running versions Internet Explorer 8, 9, and 10 can expect to get a final "End-of-Life" software update on the 12th that will include a prompt to upgrade their browser.

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