Smart playlist live updating

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Smart playlist live updating

i Tunes is one of those applications which people either love or hate; besides accusations that it’s too bloated and tries to do too much, it’s nevertheless a pretty decent music player which contains a host of useful features.If you’ve taken the time to rate your entire music collection, i Tunes is especially useful in creating – these could be for example your top rated or 5 star songs, or even music that you haven’t played in a long time.

You also should make sure the "Live updating" checkbox is checked. Hit play and i Tunes will play all the songs in that playlist in random order The process of making your own Smart Playlists is extremely simple.In this example we’ll create a music-only playlist with items you’ve already rated 5 stars and that were added to i Tunes in 2012. From the i Tunes File menu, choose New Smart Playlist (the keyboard shortcut is OPTION COMMAND N) 3.If you’re an old school listener, this smart list will capture songs based on a certain time period. Smart playlists are like having your own DJ that helps you keep fresh and updated songs on your mobile device.Let us know about a few Smart Playlists you have created for your i Tunes.Now that you know how to create a Smart Playlist, the following are four others you might find useful for using your mobile device. Say you download music on a regular basis to your i Tunes library.

This Smart Playlist will collect recently added songs in a given time period.Across the middle of the playlist window there are some drop-down menus and files with 3 on each row.Click the first drop-down and the choice expands to a massive list of all the possible items – as you can see, pretty much every property of media is available.You can also delete a rule with the delete (–) button.There is no better tool for cleaning your hard drive from junk than Clean My Mac 3.Smart Playlists can be incredibly useful, for example you could create one that contains all the unrated songs that you’ve never played, in order to prune them from your library.

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