Smart playlist live updating

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With “This list collects songs that you like but have not played in a specified period of time.The smart list is dependent on how well you have rated your song collection. You can even make a smart list that collects un-rated songs.

Now that you’ve seen what a typical Smart Playlist looks like, open the i Tunes DJ and select any Smart Playlist in the Source drop-down list at the bottom of the window.But you can create what are called Smart Playlists to keep your mobile device fresh with your favorite and new songs.Smart Playlists will automatically change and update the songs on your mobile device each time you sync it to i Tunes on your computer.If you’re an old school listener, this smart list will capture songs based on a certain time period. Smart playlists are like having your own DJ that helps you keep fresh and updated songs on your mobile device.Let us know about a few Smart Playlists you have created for your i Tunes.Change the first set of three to (Media Kind) (is) (Music) because we don’t want to include videos, podcasts or any other media type in this particular playlist 4.

Next, we want to add another set of conditions, so hit the little (add) button on the far right of the first row.

Now that you know how to create a Smart Playlist, the following are four others you might find useful for using your mobile device. Say you download music on a regular basis to your i Tunes library.

This Smart Playlist will collect recently added songs in a given time period.

The playlist will be added to the PLAYLISTS section in i Tunes with the default name 8.

Rename your new Smart Playlist to something more meaningful such as 5 Star Songs (2012). When the new playlist window opens, ensure the first item is set to Match any of the following rules.

Hit play and i Tunes will play all the songs in that playlist in random order The process of making your own Smart Playlists is extremely simple.