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The NCAA has a catastrophic injury fund that kicks in when personal deductibles exceed $90,000. According to Ramogi Huma, president of the National College Players Association, schools are more likely to help cover costs if the player is high-profile and the injury is severe or public, such as the one Louisville's Kevin Ware suffered when he broke his leg during a 2013 March Madness game.Or when running back Marcus Lattimore twisted his knee almost 180 degrees during a televised game last year.

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A year later, South Carolina traveled to Knoxville for an ESPN-televised, late October game against Tennessee. With less than three minutes left in the first quarter, he lined up on his own 1-yard line. I trusted 'em"The Chiefs' surgeon and several after him have additionally diagnosed in Doughty an acquired spinal injury—the sort that often occurs from a sudden, traumatic blow to the spine, such as a helmet-to-helmet collision, like the two Doughty suffered. At 23, he had no job, no college degree, and no insurance. After the injury was found, the Chiefs terminated his contract.

Doughty says he rested in the locker room for five minutes and then finished the game. But when it comes to protecting players, who generate billions of dollars every year, from having to pay unanticipated medical bills or ensuring they receive superior, impartial healthcare, there are no official NCAA provisions in place.

Thus, when a player is injured, nothing prevents the athletic director from refusing to pay related medical bills—which sometimes keep coming for years.

He also struggled academically, overwhelmed by a curriculum that bore little resemblance to the education offered at his rural high school.

He didn't always make the best choices, but he pushed through.

The silver Sanyo television was set to ESPN, where NFL commissioner Roger Goodell was calling the names of the 255 players picked in that year's draft.

For Doughty, a promising defensive tackle who had just finished his junior year at the University of South Carolina, it was a tense moment. "It was emotional for all of us." Doughty and his two siblings grew up in poverty.Instead, there's a half-page list of healthcare services that institutions may finance should they choose.Athletic departments (with the exception of those in California, where specific legislation has been passed) don't have to publish their healthcare policies in writing, leaving players to rely solely on the promises of recruiters.Arian Foster, who now plays for the Houston Texans, ran the ball into the end zone, barreling into Doughty and leaving him momentarily unable to move, similar to what happened after his previous 2004 hit. Records also show that Doughty's spine had become more deformed between the time of his first examination and that done by the Chiefs, which could mean that he had further injured himself during the second hit against Tennessee or another unrecognized play. Would the university pay for the surgery he needed?But this time team doctors didn't take him for a MRI. He'd need surgery to prevent his symptoms, limited use of his right arm and a burning sensation, from worsening. Upon joining a Division I team, every participant must have insurance and undergo a medical examination before playing.When he left for the draft, Doughty was only 12 credits shy of a degree.

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