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Instead, there's a half-page list of healthcare services that institutions may finance should they choose.Athletic departments (with the exception of those in California, where specific legislation has been passed) don't have to publish their healthcare policies in writing, leaving players to rely solely on the promises of recruiters.

He didn't always make the best choices, but he pushed through.

The silver Sanyo television was set to ESPN, where NFL commissioner Roger Goodell was calling the names of the 255 players picked in that year's draft.

For Doughty, a promising defensive tackle who had just finished his junior year at the University of South Carolina, it was a tense moment. "It was emotional for all of us." Doughty and his two siblings grew up in poverty.

That meant Doughty couldn't play football for the Chiefs—or for anyone else, ever again.

The next day Doughty was on a plane headed back south, with questions on his mind.

He was taken to a neurosurgeon, who gave Doughty a diagnosis of mild congenital stenosis—a narrowing of the spine near the base of the neck that occurs at birth—but gave him the go-ahead to keep playing.

A year later, South Carolina traveled to Knoxville for an ESPN-televised, late October game against Tennessee. With less than three minutes left in the first quarter, he lined up on his own 1-yard line. I trusted 'em"The Chiefs' surgeon and several after him have additionally diagnosed in Doughty an acquired spinal injury—the sort that often occurs from a sudden, traumatic blow to the spine, such as a helmet-to-helmet collision, like the two Doughty suffered. At 23, he had no job, no college degree, and no insurance. After the injury was found, the Chiefs terminated his contract.

He thought back to the injuries he suffered while playing at South Carolina. The first was a helmet-to-helmet collision during a 2004 practice.

The impact had left Doughty temporarily paralyzed and with a tingling sensation in his arms and neck that would never go away.

Disappointed, the family turned off the television and walked several houses down to Doughty's grandmother's for a late-afternoon barbecue with family. And while he felt fortunate to be at South Carolina, he says college brought its own difficulties.

As one of just a small number of black students on campus, Doughty felt isolated.

Doughty says he rested in the locker room for five minutes and then finished the game. But when it comes to protecting players, who generate billions of dollars every year, from having to pay unanticipated medical bills or ensuring they receive superior, impartial healthcare, there are no official NCAA provisions in place.

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