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Even for those with private insurance, some policies don't cover varsity sports injuries, have high deductibles, or refuse to pay the entire amount due.

He didn't always make the best choices, but he pushed through.The National Collegiate Athletics Association Division I manual includes more than 400 pages of mandates for its member schools.But there is less than a page regarding healthcare for athletes.When the doctors asked if he'd ever had any serious injuries, he answered no, thinking that since he'd been cleared to play in college there was nothing wrong.But then the Chiefs' head athletic trainer called Doughty off the field and into his office.But there's little way to know who does and who doesn't—and these sparse guidelines can leave some student-athletes dangerously exposed.

Off Louisiana Highway 16, down a dirt road, and another dirt road, to where the road ends, Stanley Doughty sat with his family inside the doublewide mobile home he grew up in.Doughty says he rested in the locker room for five minutes and then finished the game. But when it comes to protecting players, who generate billions of dollars every year, from having to pay unanticipated medical bills or ensuring they receive superior, impartial healthcare, there are no official NCAA provisions in place.Thus, when a player is injured, nothing prevents the athletic director from refusing to pay related medical bills—which sometimes keep coming for years.Instead, there's a half-page list of healthcare services that institutions may finance should they choose.Athletic departments (with the exception of those in California, where specific legislation has been passed) don't have to publish their healthcare policies in writing, leaving players to rely solely on the promises of recruiters.In other words, after an incoming student signs a letter of intent binding him or her to a university, many schools have no contractual obligation to treat injuries or strains that result from playing for that college.

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