Rb sr dating problems

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Models are essentially the modern equivalent of a hypothesis and are subject to the criteria for evaluating any scientific hypothesis.Do the isochron results or predictions match observation and experimental data?

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This assumes there has been no migration of daughter or parent nuclei within the matrix since its solidification.

Second assumption issue: The isochron model was created to solve the “known daughter isotope” assumption, but does it?

In order for the initial amount of the daughter isotopes to be known, the isotopes have to be uniformly distributed throughout a rock formation when it solidifies, and it must solidify slowly enough for this uniformity to occur.

If molten material passes through solid rock, partially liquefying it, then a mixing of two rock formations occurs.

Currently, there is not a definitive way to tell the difference between a mixing line and an isochron line.

Both the decaying isotope and the isotope it produces (its daughter) can be compared to an isotope of the daughter’s elemental family that does not decay.

These two ratios, when plotted on a graph for many different samples from a rock suite, should hypothetically produce a straight line under certain assumed conditions.

But this presents a problem for any given material since no one can go back in time and measure that number.

Decay constants for radioisotopes typically used in deep-time dating range from 0.0654 × 10 by setting it equal to the number of daughter nuclei plus the number of parent nuclei present at the current time, assuming no daughter nuclei were present at the beginning of the decay sequence.

Do the assumptions that constitute essential elements of the model make rational sense?

If the answer to either of these equations is no, then scientists must reject the model and generate a new one.

The key new concept introduced in this dating method is this: Researchers seek to develop a ratio of the parent and daughter nuclei to a stable non-radiogenic nucleus of the daughter’s elemental family.