Brody jenner and audrina dating

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As he looks on as she rides away, the Hollywood Hills backdrop is removed, revealing the lights and cameras.After Kristin's limo turns around and the director says "it's a wrap", the camera pans from a film studio in California.

Meanwhile, Heidi makes a trip to Colorado to show her family the results of her ten plastic surgery procedures.Note: This episode marks Heidi and Spencer's final appearance on the series, though Heidi continues to receive star billing for the remainder of the season. Note: Stephanie is now credited as a main cast member.Brody puts his friendship with Kristin on the line when he starts seeing Lo's sorority sister Mc Kaela. It's Audrina's birthday and the gang, including Justin, board a boat at Marina Del Ray to celebrate.Her entire family disapproves of her surgery, and after returning to Los Angeles, she and Spencer start to alienate their friends and family.Audrina starts dating her old friend, Ryan Cabrera, when Justin shows interest in being a part of her life once again.Kristin blames Stephanie for the rumors about drug use with some egging on from Brody, leading an angry Stephanie to deny her accusations and say there are a lot of people who notice Kristin's behavior before walking away from her. Heidi reveals her surgically-enhanced new self to her horrified friends.

Kristin urges Audrina to commit to Ryan, then moves in to get closer to Brody and Spencer has a full-on rage attack at a birthday party for Enzo, leading to Holly telling Heidi that she won't come back if he's around and trading insults with a screaming, unhinged Spencer.Kristin and Audrina have revealed to have become friends according to the girls.She also comes to terms with her fading summer romance with Justin.The Hills focuses on the lives of Kristin Cavallari, Audrina Patridge, Lo Bosworth, Heidi Montag, and Stephanie Pratt.After receiving widespread criticism after having ten cosmetic surgery procedures in one day, Montag unveils the results to her family.Brody meets Mc Kaela Line, and the two begin to date and upset Kristin with their public affection towards each other.

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