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Employees and their visitors are requested to observe Company rules and regulations in terms of consumption of liquor, smoking, etc.Please refer to Wipro Beliefs for any clarification.

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The unit is administered by an Assistant Registrar and a support staff.The booking of the room should be done well in advance, as soon as travel plans are made.The request should only be for the day(s) requested and as per policy mentioned on my Wipro - My Accommodation Once the employee raises the request through my Wipro, the concerned Hospitality Services personnel will receive an auto generated email with booking details.Find out more Tenth Residential College The Tenth Residential College, also known as Tun Ahmad Zaidi Residential College is one of the residential colleges for undergraduates located inside the University of Malaya.Find out more Eleventh Residential College When constructed in 1997, the Eleventh Residential College was built to accommodate students who enrolled in the Centre For Foundation Studies in Science pre-university programme Find out more Twelfth Residential College The newest and biggest residential college built in the University of Malaya, the Twelfth Residential College was completed in 2002, and is a collection of five interconnected buildings, Block A, Block B, the Cafeteria, Block C and Block D.Upon confirmation the employee will receive an email with complete booking confirmation details.

Family stay is not allowed in our guesthouse except for Transfer, Onsite return and New Joinees.

All reservations are to be routed through the Hospitality Team.

For reservations or extensions made on their own, employees will not be entitled for reimbursements.

Ten of these residential colleges provide both lodgings and food to its residents while three other colleges, namely the 10th Residency College (Tun Ahmad Zaidi College), the 12th (Raja Dr Nazrin Shah Residential College) and the Section 17 College, provide only lodgings for the students.

University of Malaya also provides lodgings for postgraduates students.

Students in meal-provided halls are charged with a nominal amount of RM 8.00 to RM 12.00 a day, while the others pay between RM 4.50 to RM 6.50 a day.

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    This information is general information only and is intended for use by private individuals and small to medium sized businesses.