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My most interest in lifes are traveling around the world and spending time with my family. Cypriot Americans are Americans of full or partial Cypriot ancestry.

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Only after the mid-1960s did women commonly leave Cyprus to receive higher education. I'm interesting in speaking with men different nationalities about their life, country and hobbies. I grew up in my beloved country in I am real not fake. I love to cook and cleaning the house I am came from philippines I am here in cyprus for work I am wearing casual. I am chubby I am simple woman and Im a down to earth person easy to be with. Im a filipina grow up in a military way because my father is military. These were times of political instability and socio-economic insecurity.Between 19, the period of anti-colonial struggle, 29,000 Cypriots (5 percent of the population) left the island.Despite their historically rural origins, early Cypriot immigrants mainly settled in large urban centers, with New York City harboring the largest community.

The state of New York is home to the highest number of Cypriot Americans (approximately 2,587), followed by New Jersey and Florida.

Special protective legislation in 1985 provided women with marriage grants and with maternity grants that paid them 75 percent of their insurable earnings.

But occupational gender segregation persisted in Cyprus at the beginning of the 1990s.

Turkish American immigration is not well documented.

It is assumed that the Turkish Cypriots who came to the United States between 18 were fleeing religious or political persecution.

Although 75 percent immigrated to Britain and another 10 percent went to Australia, about 5 percent went to North America.