My lovers dating ru site

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My lovers dating ru site

Long ago, still in our school days, we saw for the first time Zeffirelli's movie "Romeo and Juliet" and it stayed with us forever, becoming the basis of our enthusiasm for Italy, interlacing it with our personal life.Since then we saw that movie many times taking for granted that the background of it was the real town of Verona.

The wind was blowing clouds through the sky and the sun appeared on the ground in stripes.This "tragic happiness" is still in our days giving us enlightenment and inspiration.Our story too will be joyful, because it deals with the realization of a dream born from love and living in the name of it.How charming is the rose-window on the church entrance!lthough, in effect, it is not the window shown in the movie, as the latter had been created anew in Cinecitta after the style of the facade of another ancient Tuscania church of Santa Maria Maggiore...a small stone ledge similar to a long stone bench.Five steps lead up to the altar with sacred images on the walls, where Laurence blessed the union of eternal love. Along these stairs Romeo with a torch in his hand ran down to the place where, by the Director's will, was set up the gloomy Capulets tomb (in the movie Romeo seems to get into the family tomb straight from the street).

Here is the precinct straight in front of the altar, with round mosaics on the floor, where stood on their knees our young heroes Romeo-Leonard and Juliet-Olivia, slightly scared by their own resolution. Feeble electric lamps lit images of Saints on the wall and Madonna's on the apse, in front of which was Juliet's death-bed. We would have liked to stay there and dream a little longer, but we had to visit also the town.

Here Romeo gave Juliet's nurse the news about the secret wedding. How could I ever think that one day I happened to be here!

Here is the opening on the left side of the altar through which Juliet impetuosely rushed out"so light a foot will never wear out" (as written by Shakespeare). It is important for me, in such moments, to exchange a glance with somebody who understands and shares my own emotions. We again take some shots, then through steps we go down to the crypt.

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But one day our dream became true thanks to friends from the Italian Shakespeare Association - Cynthia and Romano.

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