Kim from real housewives of atlanta dating a woman

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Kim from real housewives of atlanta dating a woman

Phaedra is all down for trying out the kegel balls, but first wants to know how they even work.

Corey Gamble, who is 25 years younger than Jenner, swept the momager off her feet with his down-to-earth personality and relaxed demeanor.

Tyler met Aimee Preston through work, as she also serves as his personal assistant.

Rumor has it that the pair got together back in 2014, but the couple has yet to confirm their romance beyond an abundance of paparazzi photos of the pair cuddling in exotic locales over the years.

Cynthia and Peter decide to invite Ne Ne and Gregg over to their home to hang out and drink a little wine.

They are beyond excited to see Ne Ne and Gregg back together and trying to work out their relationship.

Celebrity couples offer the glamour and romance that many of us wish to obtain in our own life.

Here are four celebrity couples who chose to love each other despite the year they were born.When it comes to love in Hollywood, age isn’t anything but a number.Tinseltown doesn’t see numbers, but rather the feel-good butterflies that come with a great relationship.Ne Ne thinks the idea is sweet, but cautions Peter that Cynthia hates surprises.Porsha and Cordell Stewart take a trip to the OB/GYN in hopes that Porsha will soon be able to have a baby.But it looks like Porsha may be an over planner when it comes to making her family. Kandi and Cynthia meet up to discuss the trip to Anguilla. Porsha is cute, but brains is not her strong point.

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