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Within the project, Roșia Montană Gold Corporation (RMGC) plans to produce 225 tonnes of gold and 819 tonnes of silver over 17 years and it would involve digging up a large area, involving the creation of four mining pits covering 205ha, the first two at the old mining sites of Cirnic and Cetate, followed by pits at Jig and Orlea in Phase II.

The main stage features groups performing rock, jazz, folk, reggae and world music.

The earliest reference to the town is on a wax tablet dated 6 February 131.

Archaeologists have discovered in the town ancient dwellings, necropolises, mine galleries, mining tools, 25 wax tablets and many inscriptions in Greek and Latin, centred around Carpeni Hill. Mining appears to have started again in the Middle Ages by German migrants using similar techniques to the Romans.

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The 2006 Fân Fest saw a second, "Alternative Activity", tent hosting theatre and dance performances, video projections and other cultural, environmental and social activities.

About 10,000 people attended the 2005 event and 15,000 in 2006.

Attention then turned to the lower-grade gold disseminated through the rock surrounding the veins.

In 1975 an open-cast pit was constructed at Cetate for bulk mining.

Previously, a parliamentary Special Commission concluded that the wording of the draft law was inadequate and recommended that a new law be introduced for the implementation of large scale mining projects across Romania.

Amid speculation that the rejection of the draft law could mean the end of the mining project, In Roșia Montană, each year since 2004, in August, several NGOs have organized a free music festival in aid of the Save Roșia Montană campaign.

The corporation was not able to gain full authorization for the project.

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