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This mine was operated by Rosiamin, a subsidiary of the state-owned company Regia Autonomă a Cuprului din Deva (RAC), and provided 775 jobs, Several years later, the mining licence for an area of 23.8823 km² around Roșia Montană was transferred to the Roșia Montană Gold Corporation (RMGC) from Minvest Deva SA (successor to RAC Deva).

Archaeologists have discovered in the town ancient dwellings, necropolises, mine galleries, mining tools, 25 wax tablets and many inscriptions in Greek and Latin, centred around Carpeni Hill. Mining appears to have started again in the Middle Ages by German migrants using similar techniques to the Romans.The three-day Fân Fest event has a large range of cultural, environmental, musical and outdoor activities as well as offering the chance to participate in various workshops.The main stage features groups performing rock, jazz, folk, reggae and world music.The environmental impact assessment procedure started in 2004, but a final approval was still been given.The company began buying up houses in the city, but about 100 residents refused to sell and, supported by environmentalists, architects, archeologists and lawyers, they have been battling the corporation and the state in courts.The sulphide-rich waste generated large volumes of sulphuric acid which in turn liberated heavy metals into local water sources, in addition to the mercury used to extract the gold.

In 1948 the mines were taken over by the Romanian state, with traditional small scale underground mining continuing until the late 1960s.The main concerns of the opponents are related to environmental dangers of cyanide leaching of gold (as Romania witnessed the 2000 Baia Mare cyanide spill), as well as the destruction of the ancient Roman sites in Roșia Montană. In August 2005, the Canadian government announced that it supports Gabriel Resources' project; in October 2005, Miklós Persányi the Hungarian Minister of Environment announced that the Hungarian government strongly opposes the project.In 2013, the Victor Ponta government announced that it will send through parliament a new law that would allow the bypass of environmental and heritage regulations that prevented the project from being started.) is a commune of Alba County in the Apuseni Mountains of western Transylvania, Romania.It is located in the Valea Roșiei, through which the small river Roșia Montană flows."Fân Fest" (Fân means "hay" in Romanian) has featured many big Romanian bands and singers, such as Ada Milea and from the Republic of Moldavia - Zdob şi Zdub.

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