Seinfeld two day dating rule

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Many Seinfeld episodes are based on the writers' real-life experiences, with the experiences re-interpreted for the characters' storyline.

Jerry's departure is a blow to her emotional needs, so she is suddenly hesitant to engage in even the smallest physical gesture of love.It was better for the future of the show and it met audience expectations when the Jerry-Elaine relationship was dropped without mention between seasons.The two were now free to find short-lived misery with other dating relationships, and endless consolation and friendship with each other.He leans in for a kiss but Elaine leans away, reminding him of the rule.For Jerry it seems to have been an act of habit, empty and fleeting.In part, it may have been Louis-Dreyfus's performance, playing Elaine as one who was strong-willed, independent, and desirable, yet at the same time a woman who got along well with the guys.

Perhaps the audience also sensed, even at the early stages of the series, that the characters' relationships were inherently doomed.In fact, as usual, it relies on gender stereotypes.The fact that the characters would consider a relationship-less sex arrangement is not so reflective of the show's moment in time as it is of changing sexual norms in America after World War II.It's my option." Male independence is at the heart of this rule, too.Alone in his own home, the male is liberated to his own routines and behavior without having any responsibilities to care for the female.Seinfeld is an American television sitcom that ran for nine seasons on NBC, from 1989 to 1998.