Pigeon john is dating your sister

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Pigeon john is dating your sister - rex burkhead dating hannah werth

Its no surprise, then, that artists like Pigeon John would attempt a sort of synthesis between these two opposing musical ideas.

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The beat, for once, really shines on this track, and is a really interesting use of traditional western art music timbres in an urban soundscape.The song comes off as schizophrenic, which is indeed crazy, but not nice to listen to.At other moments on the album, Pigeon John seems to forget himself completely and dives into the world of emo.While most of the album is forgettable, and some of it isn't even listenable, there are moments where Pigeon John really does achieve something, or at least finds his niche.The song "Orginalz" is (again, ironically), a good example of his ability to craft a nice, solid rap song.There are better emo-rap artists out there (Atmosphere comes to mind), but to a certain extent the issues Pigeon John is grappling with in his lyrics and beats suggests an unresolved conflict ripe with potential.

Flavor Flav had his clock, Tupac had his "Thug Life" tattoo and Pigeon John has his fedora?!

The song finally builds to a nauseating crescendo that drags on well past the listenable limit.

It is here that one clearly realizes Pigeon John's Achilles heel -- his penchant for melodrama.

So when he raps, "Every word I write seals my fate/Losing every single one of my friends to date," on "Life Goes On" it's hard to believe he's serious.

Beck poses a timely question when he asks what makes a “Soul of a Man”, as some fans might wonde...

The song "Alone..." is the premier, though not the only, example of his flights of white-pop fancy ("What is Love?! The song can best be imagined as rap-metal à la Linkin Park sans rap, or simply emo with a bad drum machine beat rather than raging guitars and hormone induced drum-kit catharsis.