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It's also a rare moment on the album when Pigeon John's delivery doesn't suffer from a sense of his own insecurities, and his delivery is powerful and original.

This track and a few others make Pigeon John's latest effort worth a listen, though only a tentative success.

The lyrics are decent, although he needs a little help from Mikah 9, and the hook is simple and easy to digest.

The beat, for once, really shines on this track, and is a really interesting use of traditional western art music timbres in an urban soundscape.

Unfortunately, the rest of the album fails to deliver this sort of lyrical originality.

In fact, Pigeon John's own performances on other tracks are dwarfed by those of his guest artists Abstract Rude and Mikah 9.

The verse articulates his emotional problems, his "identity crisis", and is insightful without being sappy.

The emo is melded to the hip-hop framework in a subtle and enticing manner so as to create a song that is both listenable and danceable.

As you'd expect, Pigeon John doesn't come out blazing on his debut album.

He is the everyman, tripping over his "Highschool Reunion" and sweating over his girl problems.

The track not only embodies his own sense of being pulled in opposite artistic directions, but it is the only track that also seems to accomplish a sort of synthesis of these two forces.

True to hip-hop form, the track opens with an enticing sample, then launches into the hook, a head-bobbing beat backed with a simple but memorable lyric.

Eschewing complicated rhyme patterns for straight-talking simplicity, the songs on his second solo effort seem to embody the split personality overtaking the character of popular music audiences and charts.

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