Avan jogia dating miley cyrus

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JJ: Speaking of , you’ve known Ariana [Grande] since then, what was she like then, and what do you think of her music now? I kind of always thought she was going to be a big deal.

Then I was doing acting and going back to school, and when I was at school, I was really attending so I kind of dropped out around sixteen. Go do something else.” And then my parents, who are the best people in the world, were like, “Okay, so if you’re not going to go to school, go to acting school.” So I went to acting school for a little bit. , which was a big summer hit and will be returning for the second half of its first season on February 11. Avan chatted with us about what to expect on the show, his love for music, his celeb pals like Josh Hutcherson and Ariana Grande, and also his girlfriend Zoey Deutch, who stars in the upcoming film , correct? People are like, “You’ve gotta cut your hair.” They get so upset. I think I’d just do it for me, but not until there’s a role where I feel it would be inappropriate to have long hair, then I’ll do it. If you don’t get a job, you have to come back to high school, and at least get your high school diploma.” So, I was like, well I’m going to LA, there’s no way I’m risking that, and I’m like I have to get a job. If I was doing a movie or something, and I thought it made sense to do that, I’d cut it off. If you get a job, that’s great, that’s what you’re doing now, you’re an actor. He’s his own person.” I’m like, this is a lot of conversation about hair.

AJ: The shortest it’s ever been, I was fourteen years old. And ever since then, I’ve just been growing it, ’cause I like it. They’re like “cut your hair, cut your hair.” And then all the people who defend me, they’re like, “Do what you want, man. JJ: How long were you acting before you came to LA? So then I booked Victorious, and I was like I’m taking this, because I’m not going back to high school. But if I was with somebody who wanted to have some extra kids, I wouldn’t be against it. I mean, you only have to get the first two right and then they start like.. JJ: Do you enjoy your girlfriend [Zoey Deutch]‘s cooking? And she makes her own tomato sauce, which is crazy to me, because I’m just not a cook. And Gujarati, I speak mostly food related things as well ’cause my grandparents are like, “food? But the problem is, to me, you really have to be immersed in the culture to learn the language. But I feel like I’m not going to live here for my whole life, I don’t think. So I speak restaurant French, I can order glasses of wine, that kind of thing. And that’s maybe one of the courses I’ll take at UCLA or something like that. But beyond that, I don’t even know what’s happening. It was kind of cool, it was like weird, weirder stuff that I’ve never done before so that was kind of cool. Well I don’t know why we stopped using green screen.

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