Women nude canoeing

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Women nude canoeing

Our route will take us up close to the flora and fauna that make the Boundary Waters Canoe Area such an interesting place to travel.Keeping with our theme, we’ll be adapting new wilderness skills every step of the way, while still having time for fun and relaxation along the way.

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I sure even other interest groups have had some stories to tell about us canoeist.Well when she relized they were there she ran back into her tent, showing nothing but a full moon !!Now that would have made some story back at the lodge !Wilderness can present some challenges for women that are different from those encountered by men.Our goal on this adventure is to provide women with the knowledge and experience needed to feel comfortable in the wilderness.This is our most highly rated trip by past participants, and judging by the laugh meter it must be the most fun, too.

Take a break from the humdrum and discover a pristine wilderness and maybe a little about yourself at the same time.

What women may lack in strength, they make up for in finesse and there are many secrets that can make portaging, paddling and setting up camp not only easier, but more fun!

Our trained staff at Piragis Northwoods Company includes some of the most knowledgeable and trail savvy women in the outfitting business.

After our first night in Ely, we’ll rise early and shuttle our canoes and gear to a nearby wilderness entry point.

Giving ourselves the opportunity to get a true taste of the wilderness may include sitings of waterfalls, pictographs and perhaps even floating bogs.

Your trip begins and ends with nights spent in Ely where we encourage you to experience the fine dining of our favorite restaurant, the Chocolate Moose!

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