Fob dating abcd

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Even though they’re both Desi, their religious differences and family values are enough to create a sizable wedge in their otherwise healthy union.So, try serving up the American values of independence, religious freedom, and women’s empowerment with the Desi values of tradition and family loyalty, and you’re bound to get an interesting taste.

Since graduating and staring my career, the conversations among friends and family have become increasingly about dating and marriage. If that’s not enough, throw in the double standard.

But I realize now after watching the video, that there are a whole different set of dating rules set aside for Dating while Desi. I certainly didn’t know the rules changed between dating desi, and dating non-desi. Maybe if I had known these rules, I could have figured out the desi dating game a lot sooner. Are there other rules to Dating while Desi that I don’t know about? (Not that dating you desi guys are any walks in the park.) Or as Tarun says in the video, “Desi girls are hard, man.

Stick to dating goris…” Let the Sepia Destiny virtual dish begin.

I’ve learned to slow it down and take these contradictions as unique aspects of our culture.

Much like the girls on Sex and the City would get together to dish, my girls and I will get together and dish about the dilemmas of Dating while Desi. And Dating while Desi ain’t easy, as the mutiny has informed us on Sepia Destiny Part 1.

by Ismath Mohideen Lately, I’ve been intrigued by contradictions. As South Asian women raised in the US, we’re taught to be strong, independent, well educated, and assertive.

I mean, there’s enough confusion in school and at work to keep us all busy!

When the topic comes up, I feel compelled to do an about-face and run screaming in the opposite direction! They were deeply in love, dated for 3 years, and even drew up blue prints for their lives after college so they could be near one another.

Every member of Greg’s family loved and accepted Anita.

, independent-thinking desi girl and is why I love to find solidarity with my single desi sisters – whether over chai, or virtually by reading my favorite desi gal bloggers ( Rupa, The Bar Maid, Chick Pea, brimful, SP, to name a few).

Saturday night while I was surfing on You Tube alone in the North Dakota bunker, I came across this episode of Desi OC – after watching the video I thought to myself, The Desi OC episode above comes out of production company Raising Desi, and one of the film maker is Los Angeles comedian Tarun Shetty.

It’s as though having the best of both worlds is all the rage. And one of the most evident contradictions I’m facing recently confuses me probably more than it should.