Dating diabetic man

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I am all for someone telling me straight up that they can't deal with what I have to live with every single day. Those people I wonder what they would be like when the meet someone and they get something life threatening, or they have a serious accident. Sorry, I love the Cobra Commander pun "You will pay for your insolence! "If someone was 'special' enough to spend 5 months getting to know, talking with, hanging out with, thinking they're attractive, then no, diabetes alone would not be a reason I would not want a romantic relationship.However, today he sent me a text saying that he could never turn "us" into a long term relationship because I have Diabetes... I told him right from the start that I have Type 1 Diabetes so it would not be a surprise.He asked alot of questions about it and I explained how it works, whats going on inside my body, explained how I control it and that I can live a perfectly normal life as long as I take certain necessary precautions for example carrying a juice box with me, making sure I eat right and exercise ect.I suspect that guys you'd get involved with just don't understand what it is and envision managing it to be a lot more involved than it is. My Mom has type II Diabetes and my Dad has always been there for her.(Even through the "Hi's and Low's") ;-)These days it seems that folks want everything to be perfect. One morning when my ex was leaving for work, he and I were happy and raising 3 beautiful girls.That guy sounds so self-centered there may not be any room for you in the relationship anyway. An hour later I was left raising 3 beautiful girls and a middle-aged 3-year old son.I've never ever come across this situation before where a guy has said that he likes me, likes being around me, wants to see but can't see something longterm only because I have Diabetes?

It's not like I'm going to drop dead or anything any time soon.I take very good care of it and no other guy has made this an issue in the past.I thanked him for his honesty but said I would need some time to think about it.Basically, if I was a friend first, diabetes would not be the only reason not to date them. If I met someone online and her first IM or email was simply "I have diabetes," then I would not choose to get to know her better or date her.We were dating each other, but taking the time to get to know each other before we progressed into a physical relationship.It's for the best that he doesn't want to date you anyway. I have dated many guys who up front tell you they are fine with your sickness/disease/disability, and really they are not.