Guide on dating vintage rings

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Like tungsten, its strength does have its downsides.Titanium cannot be resized or soldered, making the number of ring styles made from the metal more limited than other options.

It is long wearing and already exceptionally white, so it does not need to be rhodium plated like white gold.Yellow gold is the most popular and quintessential color.White gold is also increasing in popularity but tends to be a bit more expensive than others.10kt, 14kt and 18kt are the most common karat values found.The larger the karat, the higher the percentage of pure gold in the ring and the more expensive it will be.As a member of the platinum metal group, palladium is one of the rarest kinds of precious metals, making it one of the most esteemed.

And since it doesn't require alloys or plating, it is usually at least 95% pure.Palladium is most commonly used in men's and women's wedding bands, rather than decorative jewelry, due to its high price and longevity. Many of our Modern era pieces are previously owned, and some are newly made reproductions of past eras, as described on the product page.A tungsten carbide ring will stand up to any degree of wear and tear and remain looking like new.One major benefit of tungsten carbide rings is that their durability makes them much more scratch resistant than rings made of other metals.Palladium is one of the most luxurious options for rings.