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I received my education in Bulgaria, England and the United States. Shall we who are fighting for the establishment of the Four Freedoms follow the pattern of those that have destroyed freedom? Other manuscripts may have been found among his effects aboard the ship from which he flew to his death. Clapper wrote: "Some people in Washington feel there is not sufficient awareness at home of how much our men are doing; and in what a living hell they must sometimes do it." His inistlan was to help increase thet awareness.

Unused letters returned only when accompanied by stamped, addressed envelope. stools to sit on in the old-fashioned corner saloon. Ultimately there will have to be an international air authority to co-ordinate world flying regulations, routes and schedules. The sheer mechanics of traffic make this necessary. On the most important single problem of postwar aviation, however, the experts disagreed. Loening favors private enterprise, under which competition can produce the best air service and eliminate the unfit. This would also Improve the morale of our men at the front, because they know men in this labor force were in it, not because they were forced to join, but because they chose to give up high wages and civilian life simply because they wanted to be in there pitching. You learn about taverns by going to taverns, and what you learn Pegler and almost everyone know that cider is deadly because it doesn't taste as strong as it is. You could rightly ay that the Stork, El Mnri MTo, 21, the Plaza and places like them are taverns, too, but that is being technical.

Thousands of good men are ready and willing to serve their country if they know definitely that what they do will have a direct bearing on shortening the war. -a V ili Sl The Postwar Air inspecting exhibitions of mar-lin-spike needlework under the auspices of women's auxiliary of the National Maritime union. I'm sober as a judge." Occasionally, after a while, the state cops come in with gore spots on their stylish uniforms to ask the waiters how much the party which left 15 minutes ago in the 19.19 Buick had to drink and report that they went over the bank two miles down. :si r f ; llermino B Whi Uork, 4V H'ipkms James L. In the same way, state regulation of flying within the United States will have to cede much to federal regulation. At the speed at which planes now travel crossing most states in an hour's time 48 separate sets of rules regarding lights, landings, and so on would ensnare civil aviation in a hopeless tangle. That is the point of view taken by all American airlines except two, Pan American and United, which want the American flag carried abroad by a government-sponsored monopoly. English, supporting the position taken by Canada and most other countries, advocated that government monopolies or private lines favored by individual governments so-called "chosen instruments" handle international air traffic. Later, perhaps, or simultaneously, Mexico, the United States and Canada will coordinate their bilateral agreements into a single agreement.

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