Michelle obama daughter dating

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Michelle obama daughter dating

On their first date they went to the Art Institute, strolled down Michigan Avenue, had a drink at the top of the John Hancock Center and saw a movie.

It’s crucial to find time for family and as a couple.Obama said that both she and the president are attempting to give their children a normal life."Our goal is to try to make sure their lives here are as normal as they can be," she said.Parenthood and Juggling Time: Even with the pressures of running a presidential campaign, it’s been reported that Barack Obama would still do his best to call home every night, especially before the girls’ bedtime.The couple has also talked about setting boundaries with their children, like a small allowance in return for chores.Obama agreed with her husband adding, "And then there's a lot of laughter you know." When asked about 14-year-old daughter Malia who recently received her first cell phone, the first lady said she gives her daughter some freedom while monitoring her phone usage.

"I give my daughter at this age, I give her a long rope," Mrs. "And there is monitoring because we have rules but monitoring may be you never know when I'm going to walk into your room and I'm going to ask you 'who are you talking to and are you talking about school work?

Be sure to set aside date nights, where you can talk about your relationship aside from being parents.

The strong foundation as a couple will improve how you relate to your children and what expectations you each carry in the partnership.

Mutual Respect for Each Other: Barack Obama called Michelle his “rock” and has said she “had the power of veto,” meaning if she would have told him not to run for president he wouldn’t have.

Michelle has revealed that time, love, sacrifice and hard struggles make you stronger and that the pair is “constantly balancing each other.” One of the most important things in a relationship is to have respect for each other because a respectful marriage is a marriage with integrity.

President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama recently appeared in their first joint interview since being elected into the White House once again last month and held little back when talking about keeping their love alive and raising their daughters.