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In today’s challenging world of dating, matchmaking has become increasingly popular among millennials and older generations.And there are even matchmaking agency readily available to help singles navigate the hostile modern dating atmosphere.

At least that certainly rings true for Match's 2017 Single in America Survey. While age may seem like a common fib, it isn't at the top of the liar list. 19.2% of people lie about the number of sexual partners and/or their sexual health. Other slanderous stories from singles include hobbies, having kids and being divorced. Mike Trojan here, and I’m finally back after a long wandering expedition through the remotest regions of the this planet, where I sought to study and interact with the most PRIMAL women I could.These are women who had never even seen a phone, computer, and even a paved road.I wanted to figure out what was at the core of the woman’s psyche (free from all societal conditioning).I will be presenting my findings here each week going forward.Just like with men, the way women behave in their professional and personal lives can be worlds apart.” “Although we’ve evolved towards being more equal, there is still a lot of work to be done towards true gender equality.

Nonetheless, we must embrace that men and women are different, in the same way we embrace that each of us is different on an personal level.

A popular matchmaking agency ready to help is Ivy International, an international matchmaking agency which takes a holistic approach that is uniquely tailored to each client after getting to know them face to face.

The head of Ivy International is relationship expert Inga Verbeeck, who has some pretty strong opinions about dating modern men. “A lot of men think that because a woman is successful, she must be a bitch,” says Inga, “I get the feeling that men these days lack balls.

– All women want sex and think about it more than men do.

– All women are having sex in one way or another – Beautiful women are naturally attracted and sexually open to me – I am chill and secure with my deepest sexual desires – My sexual confidence is a strong, magnetic field radiating around me like a sun – My partners are aroused by my sexual confidence, as is every beautiful woman in my presence. – I now automatically attract SEXUALLY OPEN WOMEN to ME.

We cannot and should not defer from who we are at our core and our genetic predisposition.

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