Dating girls in asuncion paraguay

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Dating girls in asuncion paraguay

The girls recall their mother’s encouraging them to date members of the Church, even though there didn’t seem to be many young Latter-day Saint men around.

“I saw how much the missionaries loved my family,” he recalls. My heart was softened, and I accepted their message.” The family was baptized in 1974.

Now all of the children who are married were married in the temple.

Someone pulls out a scrapbook with photographs showing the Samaniegos and other “pioneer families” building their chapel.

Paraguay was part of the mission headquartered in Montevideo, Uruguay, from 1949 until the mission was divided in 1977.

The first stake in Paraguay was created in February 1979.

From the day we were baptized, I don’t remember that we ever missed a meeting.” Now all six children and their families are active in the Church.

The boys remember getting dressed in white shirts and ties when they were as young as seven or eight and going out to teach with the full-time missionaries.Several family members, including daughters, have served stake missions.And all three Samaniego sons have completed full-time missions.“My blessing said that I was to help my own people to know the Church,” he says.“When I received that blessing, I thought a lot about those words.” He fasted and prayed to know how to interpret the blessing.To make the dream complete, Nelly, his fiancée from Uruguay, was ready to join him.

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