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“My heart rejoices tonight as I see and listen to my children and their families.

“Surely there is a mother somewhere who is preparing a special young man for you,” their mother would tell them.

“My blessing said that I was to help my own people to know the Church,” he says.

“When I received that blessing, I thought a lot about those words.” He fasted and prayed to know how to interpret the blessing.

Finally, “after receiving the confirmation of the Spirit, I felt that I felt that the Lord really needed me in South America.

So I made the decision to return.” Even though his visa was good for another year, he gave it up—along with his apartment, his furniture, his schooling, and his job—and went home. There he continued his schooling and earned two degrees—one in business administration and another in construction.

And they talk about how the Church in Paraguay has become more respected because of the examples of members. Memories lead to more memories, and now several conversations are going on at once.

“I am very fortunate,” says Brother Samaniego quietly.Baptized at age seventeen, he had served a mission in Uruguay and was now pursuing a degree at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah.He was also earning what he considered to be an enormous salary, writing and preparing materials for the Peace Corps on how to teach the Guaraní and Spanish languages, both of which are spoken in Paraguay.It’s not surprising that the focus of the conversation tonight is on church and family; it was the Church’s emphasis on families that attracted Brother Samaniego twenty years ago.“I saw how much the missionaries loved my family,” he recalls. My heart was softened, and I accepted their message.” The family was baptized in 1974.Several family members, including daughters, have served stake missions.

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