I have just joined the jhoos dating network

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I have just joined the jhoos dating network - the 77 laws of success with women and dating

The difference between present and past perfect is in where your temporal focus is."On Friday, I had finished the work" means that for some reason I am talking about the state of things on Friday, and that that state included the fact that I had finished the work.

"I have finished the work" similarly focuses on the state of affairs now, and says that by now, the work is finished.I might have finished it on today, or any day before, including Friday.The longer ago I finished it, the less likely it is to have relevance to the state of affairs now, and so the less likely I am to use the present perfect; but I still might do so if something causes the fact to be relevant now.An example where inadvertently forcing the join order this way would be extremely negative is below - as it forces the large tables A and B to be joined first before eliminating all rows with the join on C. When the optimiser is not constrained (first plan below) it reorders things to (C x A) x B and the plan is much more efficient. There are several good independent cafes in the Old Town which make perfect venues. I do not have any friends in Havant really and very few anywhere else.

I have fibromyalgia so i am not very active and fatigue which restricts how often i can go out.

X DROP TABLE #A, #B,#C You should try to use REMOTE only if the right table is on the Remote server and left is local.

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The simple past that other writers have mentioned has a different focus.

"I finished it on Friday" is a simple fact, with no focus on the state of affairs either on Friday or today.

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