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Using the simple past "On Friday, I finished the work" (I feel) conveys essentially this same meaning.

(In most contexts, it would be taken to imply that I finished it on Friday, but not necessarily: "Every day last week I sat down to do a bit more on this job.

The simple past that other writers have mentioned has a different focus.

"I finished it on Friday" is a simple fact, with no focus on the state of affairs either on Friday or today.

There is a difference in the two meanings, which you are hinting at already in your question.

By using the past perfect in "On Friday, I had finished the work", you are saying that the work was completed on that day, and you would imply that the work occurred over a time period.

I might have finished it on today, or any day before, including Friday.

The longer ago I finished it, the less likely it is to have relevance to the state of affairs now, and so the less likely I am to use the present perfect; but I still might do so if something causes the fact to be relevant now.

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There are several good independent cafes in the Old Town which make perfect venues. I do not have any friends in Havant really and very few anywhere else.

I have fibromyalgia so i am not very active and fatigue which restricts how often i can go out.

An example where inadvertently forcing the join order this way would be extremely negative is below - as it forces the large tables A and B to be joined first before eliminating all rows with the join on C.

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