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Legislations like the ARRA and the entire campaign promoting EMR is based on the principle that electronic records provide the combined benefit of securing patient information and cutting down healthcare costs—two irrefutable advantages.

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The rule -- which would be final in 60 days -- would start phasing in on May 1, 2016 models and be at 100% May 1, 2018.Many automakers, responding to consumer demand, have gotten ahead of the regulation by putting standard or optional cameras on new models as they are redesigned, even on their smallest, most economical cars.NHTSA estimates that 73% of light vehicles already voluntarily will have rear-view cameras by the final deadline of 2018 and that the cost per vehicle to equip the remainder will be 2 to 2 for a complete system, to to add the camera to a vehicle that already has an adequate display screen.The rule follows an outcry from consumer groups and by families touched by tragic back-over accidents, especially those involving children.They have pushed hard against more delays in the rule."We are committed to protecting the most vulnerable victims of back-over accidents — our children and seniors," Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said in a statement.Until Monday, however, there have been multiple delays over the details.

To try to break through, a coalition of car-safety advocates and parents sued the Obama administration in September. Court of Appeals in New York was scheduled to hear arguments Tuesday.

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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has just issued a regulation requiring all vehicles, including trucks and buses, to have rear-view visibility -- in effect, requiring rear-view cameras.

Congress passed a law ordering the DOT to have a rule in place by 2011 to require cameras or other backup warning devices on all new cars and light trucks.

The original goal was for them to be required on all light vehicles by the 2014 model year.

There are various views regarding the President Obama’s ability to ensure that all medical records in the United States are converted into the electronic format by 2014 but there is no denying the fact that an increased adoption of EMR or electronic medical records by physicians, healthcare organizations and their related business associates is now a gradually-progressing certainty.