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The mystery of union big shot Jimmy Hoffa’s disappearance is arguably one of the most famous in the US.Numerous places in Michigan and other states have been searched for his body.

Dating back to 1887, the earliest encounter supposedly occurred when a group of lumberjacks in Wexford County chased the Dogman into a hollow log.

But hold on a minute—are the DABA girls even for real? DABA cofounder Laney Crowell tells NEWSWEEK that what The New York Times and many other outlets portrayed as a serious Web site is, in fact, a full-blown parody by Crowell and her sidekick Megan Petrus, a Manhattan lawyer. Often the DABA girls invent fresh details for maximum satirical effect."That isn't my life," says Crowell, 27, from a coffee shop near her apartment in New York's West Village.

Dressed modestly in jeans and a pullover, Crowell describes her DABA identity as an online "character" and admits that she doesn't actually know anyone with a boyfriend-backed credit card or a slashed department-store allowance.

However, there are plenty of other compelling mysteries that have happened in the Mitten State, some of them supernatural and others just as earthly.

On the morning of September 20, 2010, a maintenance worker for the Community Central Bank in Mount Clemens, Michigan, found the empty car of company CEO David Widlak in the parking lot. So the worker called the police after finding Widlak’s office in complete disarray.

Amazingly, the first autopsy had missed a bullet that was found in Widlak’s neck.

He had been shot execution style in the back of the head, and investigators discovered his missing gun in the area where his body was found.Relatives accused the first coroner of a cover-up, but the coroner claimed that he had misread the X-ray results.Investigators have since reclassified Widlak’s case as an unsolved homicide, but they have had few leads."It's a character," says agent Rebecca Gradinger, "but it's a little bit of them as well." Just not as much as everyone thought.The BEFORE Photos" width="375" height="500" data-jpibfi-post-excerpt="" data-jpibfi-post-url=" data-jpibfi-post-title="Project Procrastinators Party: The BEFORE Photos" data-jpibfi-src=" Share your project (big or small, it doesn’t matter! Linky link to your BEFORE photo, LET’S GET BUSY, PEOPLE! If you aren’t working on something, for goodness sake at least bring over some cookies to keep us energized.While he normally kept it in his office, the gun disappeared with him.

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