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Free dating site 100 free supports nudity photo

(By default, "2 e Props" is selected on the comment page.) A core part of Xanga is the ability to subscribe to other Xangas.

Until the spring of 2006, Xanga's photo features were focused on enabling photo uploads within weblog posts.Then, on November 19, 2004, Xanga extended its support of multiple profile pictures to comment icons; now Xanga users could choose which profile picture they wanted to appear next to each of their comments.Then on April 6, 2006, Xanga upgraded its profiles to offer traditional social networking features—including the ability to connect with friends, to search for friends, and to fill out profile fields.Xanga Videoblogs were officially launched on August 9, 2007 Xanga introduced "Pulse", which was described as a "carefree miniblog".A Pulse message can also be uploaded by cell phone.Featured Content was divided in 2002 was withdrawn as Xanga introduced Premium Plus.

Eventually, new profile features such as friends, "nudges", and chatboards that resemble Facebook were added. All Xanga members receive a "Xanga Site", a web site made up of a weblog, a photoblog, a videoblog, an audioblog, a "Pulse" (mini-blog), and a social networking profile.

Since some users had been using anonymous subscriptions to try out subscriptions to other sites, on July 21, 2003, Xanga added a feature that allows members to sample a Trial Subscription to another site.

This update also allowed members to hide individual subscriptions from public display.

Xanga first added an email subscriptions feature on November 30, 2000.

In January 2001, this was followed by the ability to subscribe to a site using a web-based reader using RSS (and the ability to display subscriptions on one's site).

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