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Free dating site 100 free supports nudity photo

Members can combine Xanga Lock with the Footprints feature to create a means of controlling and monitoring access to a given site. This feature is similar to Xanga lock, but it provides even more privacy by allowing a user to lock out everyone who is not on the user's friends list.

This update also allowed members to hide individual subscriptions from public display.If a casual web browser who is not logged into a Xanga wished to view someone's Xanga, he or she would first have to log into a registered account, or else he or she would see only a page indicating that that user has chosen to "lock" their Xanga.Xanga Lock also prevents the site from being indexed by Search Engines.Then, on November 19, 2004, Xanga extended its support of multiple profile pictures to comment icons; now Xanga users could choose which profile picture they wanted to appear next to each of their comments.Then on April 6, 2006, Xanga upgraded its profiles to offer traditional social networking features—including the ability to connect with friends, to search for friends, and to fill out profile fields.Each member was allowed to upload one profile picture.

On April 30, 2004, Xanga upgraded its profile image uploading to offer better quality images.

: @rika @lyu310 Celebrities are paid way TOO MUCH money, more than they can handle. Entertainment is not a necessity like a heart transplant or escaping from a burning building or having a criminal arrested.

Without celebrities our world might be boring, (for some people, I have never watched their movies or listened to their songs) but we would survive.

Then, on April 7, 2005, Xanga overhauled its photo system to increase picture quality and picture size, as well as to increase capacity for the system overall.

On September 9, 2005, web-based batch uploading of photos was added; on September 26, 2005, all Xanga Classic members were given 1 gigabyte of free photo storage and Premium members were increased to two gigabytes of storage.

Xanga supported limited profiles as early as its launch in 2000.

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