Speed dating in moscow

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Speed dating in moscow - dansk russisk dating st petersburg

Then the male participants move on the next table and meet the next date.4.You can either exchange contact information right there at the table or write down the people you liked on the provided card.

We invite you to join our event TODAY Speed Dating in English. Where: Donnie's Bar and Grill metro Taganskaya, Alexandra Soljenitsina str bld 3.

This narrow shop in the East Village hosts a matchmaking service for the new millennium.

The event is organized so that you will chat, ask questions, and check out the chemistry with everyone in a string of conversations lasting minutes each. On Saturday, she spots me at a club and approaches.

City-Date provides speed dating services in Moscow which is a fun and easy way to meet single people.

During our event, you will have 12-17 dates that last about 7 minutes each.

And you will get more objective acquaintances Acquaintance and communicating - are the main purposes of visiting most of the events.

2Event expand communication not only at the event, but also during the journey and at the hotel.

During the speed dating event, you network with English-speaking professionals4.

Speed Dating is conducted in a comfortable atmosphere of a stylish downtown restaurant near metro station5. The whole speed dating event takes about 2-2,5 hours.2.

Everyone will have the chance to play Secret Santa!

Adventure, Art, Romance & Opulence are the words that describe this magnificent venue where Ottawa’s elite gathers on a daily basis.

Speed Dating organizers can help you with any questions on directions and the event itself. At the beginning, our English-speaking hostess will help you with any questions and orders you a drink.3.