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Collegehumor dating video - process uranium dating

That’s kind of an ongoing joke that we keep getting these other couples to break up." data-reactid="47"Will, what’s been your role as an executive producer?

And he also had such a good time filming, which is great to see someone who is so experienced just come on set and still enjoy himself." data-reactid="90"Axford: He was so funny. The highlighting of the different attitudes that we have, the systemic attitudes that we have toward sex for men and women, especially at a young age.We have characters that we play that repeat in multiple episodes and have their own story throughout the season.Murphy: Emily and I break up at least four other couples.And he’s trying to figure out why his friends disappeared as an adult, and as it goes on, you slowly realize it’s because he’s a s**thead. I didn’t see him as so much of a s**thead as misunderstood, but that’s a personal opinion. That’s, in a lot of ways, the dream scenario — to come in and do stuff for fun and laugh and have a good time.I’m not a big podcast listener, so I spent a little bit of time listening to podcasts and trying to understand that cadence, that tempo, and some of the things they do. Murphy: You’re sounding very NPR." data-reactid="74"Axford: Honestly, I don’t know how we got him, but he was so funny.Now, we have this show where we can tell longer stories, with Emily and I playing versions of ourselves and these big characters.

Axford: Yeah, previously we’d be like, “That’s an interesting idea about relationships,” and then we’d write a three-minute thing about it.Will’s character, Sam Keurig, is trying to find out where all his friends have gone.Emily: It’s kind of a self-serious, NPR type of podcast.Each episode takes place over one night, and tackles topics like double standards, hookup culture, and adult friendships.Arnett makes guest appearances, as do other big names, including his friend, Kevin Pollak, seen in the sneak peek above.It means everything when we know Will likes something, because he’s been there and obviously has made so many amazing projects.

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