Updating an xbox 360

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Updating an xbox 360

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In addition to teaching, Trek to Teach strengthens local communities by helping schools build infrastructure, paint their classrooms, and find furniture.If using an older version of Windows, you will need to use a program to unzip the file first. According to the Xbox support page, the file must be the only one on the disc--and not in a folder or directory-- and must be named to operate properly.Insert a blank CD or DVD into your CD or DVD burner and burn the file you've downloaded.Here are the instructions from To create an update disc you need the following: * A DVD or CD burner. I then stated that my Xbox failed to complete the update for what ever reason.So in other words, I answered the original question from this thread.I don't know what else to try but I'm motivated to get it updated. It was clear to me that everyone was having problems putting the update on CD and having the Xbox recognize it.

My first guess why it failed, is that I have modified my DVD ROM firmware I'll reply to this thread if I come up with the solution. My post simply stated what I did to get it to work on a DVD.

i have triad three times to burn an update CD and all three times failed i have triad putting the zip file on the CD that did not work then i triad putting the unzipped folder on the CD that did not work and finely i tried to put the file itself on the CD and it still don't work can someone who successfully updated their system this way please help me but all help would be apricated I'm going to guess that this will never work unless you're running a hacked DVD-ROM firmware.

Simply because you couldn't put in an exception just for system updates on burned media.

It's either you read ALL burned media, or you read none, and to Microsoft's way of thinking, burned media equals piracy.i downloaded the update from and then i burned the unzipped file onto a CD put the CD in my xbox and restarted it and the update screen did not come up so then i triad unzipping the file and putting it on a CD and that did not work and then i triad putting the file itself on a CD and that did not work is this good i really want to learn this update my xbox this way because i don't have highspeed Internet so it's this way or no way There were many tiny little steps you did in those few words. I decline to write a step by step but will look over your detailed steps to see where it could be incorrect.

Bobi did not think it mattered i was not trying to be a jerk or nothing i just thought when you put something on a CD no matter how you did it you burned it on there so my bad and yes i did use a drag and drop I make a folder on my desktop. Then I use CDBURNERXP to create a CLOSED SESSION CDR. About 1/2 will fail to create the CD.-Here's what I did and the update worked, sort of.

Remove the disc and place it in the Xbox 360 and select "Continue" once the program begins automatically. You can use the Xbox support webpage to order a disc from Microsoft that will update your console for you in case neither of the other options are viable.

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