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CAPE TOWN, South Africa — Even while wearing nothing but a black satin bra and matching panties with a red heart on the reverse side, Fiona beams a confident smile.

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You can't say no I don't want to do this, especially when it's young girls." Despite the uncertainty involved in moving to the other side of the globe and the nightmare stories of crime and human trafficking, the dancers say the money is a magnet, and the country of destination doesn't even matter."We have a beautiful family, but the situation [in Ukraine] was tough, especially at the end of the '90s when we left," said Natasha, who grew up in the southern Ukrainian city of Kherson. I wanted something different." Natasha dropped out of school at 16 and moved to Turkey in search of work, followed several years later by her younger sister, Masha.But after trying to eke out a living in other jobs — Masha danced in a professional troupe, while Natasha worked in shipping management — the sisters said they were still struggling financially.She backed the report's findings, saying the foreign dancers are mostly Eastern Europeans."You can find Moldovans, Bulgarians, Romanians, Russians, Ukrainians, Hungarians: There's everything," said Natasha, 33, a retired dancer from Ukraine who worked in South Africa for seven years."Unless you really have some connections, unless you really believe in magic, it's hard to get a proper job," Masha said.

"The choice was, either we stay, struggle and survive, or if you want to try and live properly like you see on TV, you make a plan and do anything you can." While both sisters praised working conditions at Mavericks, saying the management's strict rules and omnipresent security cameras enforced a stripping-only environment of professionalism, the line between many strip clubs and brothels can be blurred.

They describe becoming addicted to cocaine and getting drugged and robbed multiple times, culminating in an incident in which one sister was kidnapped, beaten, raped and dumped in a field outside Istanbul.

Though they readily admitted the degradation and dangers of the industry — most apparent in prostitution but found to some extent in stripping as well — the sisters said the downsides were outweighed by the dead-end poverty they saw at home.

Both Natasha and Fiona first came to the country by way of recommendations from friends, though local strip clubs also specifically advertise to attract Eastern European women.

Mavericks, for example, offers a Russian-language recruitment section on its website in addition to English and Spanish. " Recruitment through "talent agents" with connections in Europe is another method for bringing Eastern European girls over, Natasha said. They used to have a guy who had a connection with Ukrainian girls, but then he moved to Durban [a city about 1,300 kilometers to the northeast]." Another Cape Town club, House of Rasputin, also recruited numerous Russian women through the Russian owner's connections before the place folded three years ago.

Young foreign women are especially vulnerable to getting tricked or pressured into doing more than they bargained for, the sisters said.

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