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Afterward, Fiona redresses herself backstage in a sheer negligee and strolls through the club, chatting up the men scattered around tables sipping beer, until she takes one by the hand and leads him to another section for a private dance.Fiona, a 28-year-old from Moldova, will pocket 800 rand ($75) for a 15-minute lap dance here at Mavericks, the biggest strip club in Cape Town.

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You can't say no I don't want to do this, especially when it's young girls." Despite the uncertainty involved in moving to the other side of the globe and the nightmare stories of crime and human trafficking, the dancers say the money is a magnet, and the country of destination doesn't even matter."Are you between 21 and 35 years old, attractive and in great physical shape, able to speak English, outgoing and ready to learn quickly and work hard to earn good money? Mavericks was investigated in 2012 by the country's Human Rights Commission for human trafficking after accusations by a former dancer and a patron.The commission's report, submitted to the Western Cape's High Court in June, concluded that the dancers were "vulnerable to exploitation" and that the club had committed multiple violations of their rights to human dignity and bodily integrity.One country is easiest [to get into] right now, there is a flood of girls, then boom, the laws change, and the current moves elsewhere. Girls were just flooding the place because your visa was ready in six days.But every year it gets more and more difficult," she said. They're clean, they love their husbands, and they're just there to get paid." Stripping itself is a proper skill, Natasha added: a rigorous performance art that, when done well, demands as much precision and strength as any other type of professional dancing. "It's a very beautiful kind of art if you do it the proper way." Still, the sisters admit that the work necessitates a certain degree of moral flexibility and was at times traumatizing. "The hard part is to approach the client and make him like you and want to buy an expensive product that you sell, which is a private dance."Unless you really have some connections, unless you really believe in magic, it's hard to get a proper job," Masha said.

"The choice was, either we stay, struggle and survive, or if you want to try and live properly like you see on TV, you make a plan and do anything you can." While both sisters praised working conditions at Mavericks, saying the management's strict rules and omnipresent security cameras enforced a stripping-only environment of professionalism, the line between many strip clubs and brothels can be blurred.

Natasha and Masha said women from Eastern Europe who go abroad to earn a living as strippers tended to have a strong work ethic and financial motivation. You don't hire Russians to drink and get f---ed [up]," Masha said.

While websites offering Russian girls for dating arrived quite long ago, they are unable to save western men from committing dating mistakes.

The pair worked as peep show performers and sex workers in Luxembourg before moving to South Africa to dance in strip clubs at the ages of 22 and 24, later writing a book, "Twisted," about their experiences in Europe under the joint pen name Lola Smirnova.

The sisters detail some of their darkest moments from the sex trade in their book, set in Ukraine, Luxembourg and Turkey.

She backed the report's findings, saying the foreign dancers are mostly Eastern Europeans.

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