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3 – Colonel Haji Bakr It is the right hand of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, known as Abu Bilal al-Mashhadani, whose real name is Samir Abdel Mohammed Nayel Alkhlafawi Nayel Samir, working in the production of chemical weapons and weapons development in the organization, he was an officer in the former Iraqi Army, over responsibility for the military council to organize and received in 2012 the Ministry of Military Industrialization of the organization.

Despite the directives of al-Baghdadi, pressure was boiling within the ranks of the Islamic State of Iraq, which led Haji Bakr to come up with the idea of forming a group of non-Iraqis go to Syria under the leadership of the organization, in order to prevent any leading Iraqi member of going there, and thus he believed that taking this measure would secure the state of Iraq, and assigned to the new leadership the task of of setting up the organization and summoning new members from abroad, and thus (Jabhat Al-Nusra) was founded and began to grow, led by Abu Mohammed al-Golani, who gained fame as the group grew and sweeled, and the name of Abu Mohammed al-Golani rose globally, with jihadis looked up to him, many of whom flocked from the Gulf, Tunisia, Libya, Morocco, Algeria, Europe and Yemen to Syria and joined the ranks of Al-Nusra with fervor.

This instant fame was fearsome for Haji Bakr and al-Baghdadi, who found it a cause for concern because there is no loyalty in Jabhat Al-Nusra’s ranks to the Islamic State of Iraq nor to al-Baghdadi.

The fear of the quickly growing influence of Al-Nusra turned Al-Golani into a credible threat to Al-Baghdadi, and the state of Iraq’s absence from the scene, Haji Bakr urged al-Baghdadi to order al-Golani to announce via an audio clip that Jabhat Al-Nusra is an official subsidiary of the Islamic State of Iraq, led by al-Baghdadi, Golani promised to think about the request, but days passed without a statement or answer, until later when al-Baghdadi sent him a rebuke and censure, to which he repiled and promised to think about his request and consult the matter with the Mujahideen and the faithful students.

He became the leader of the Islamic State of Iraq on 16/05/2010.

Following the death of its leader, Abu Omar al-Baghdadi, as the “right hand” of Abu Omar al-Baghdadi was the third in command in the organization, and he was the head of the States and the supervisor of operations management in the organization in 2008.

Later, he was arrested in Boca prison, and was killed in Syria in the month of January of 2014.

4 – Abu Ayman al-Iraqi Abu Ayman Abu Muhannad Iraqi or Suedawi, the most important official for “ISIS” in Syria today, memeber of the Iraqi Army during the reign of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, as he holds the rank of lieutenant-colonel, a member of the military council to ISIS today, which consists of 3 people.8 – Abu Anas Iraqi An ISIS military official in Syria. The organization of ISIS always appoints emirs who originate from the area they are chosen to govern, but they do not have any decision-making power, and are merely facades, since the orders come exclusively from the Iraqis, in particular, the emirs of the central leadership of the Islamic State, except for Abu Luqman who is given the freedom to decide and act.The announcement of the formation of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant The Syrian Revolution began and the eyes of all members of the State of Iraq turned to Syria and especially non-Iraqis, particularly Syrians, Colonel Haji Bakr feared a leakage of members from the State of Iraq, should they head to Syria, which might cause cracking and splintering in the state, he also feared that chaos in the neighboring country might become a pretext for some members and leaders within the State of Iraq who are looking for a way to defect.At first he swore allegience to Abu Abdullah, and to Abu Luqman currently, where he was scheduled to be an Emir, but the arrival of Abu Luqman cost him the emirate, currently holds a grudge against him because he limited the extent of his privileges and appointed emirs over him.He was behind assigning a lot of the names of those to be assassinated, he tried to defect from ISIS after he was overthrown as the emir of Tal Abyad, and he later established Ansar al-Sharia, but Abu Luqman sent him a death threat, prompting him to back down.The leadership in Syria: 1 – Abu Luqman Real name Ali Musa Ahawakh, a Law school graduate, and the Wali of Al-Raqqa.

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