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Colonel Haji Bakr advised the organization’s leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi that he should instruct all leaders to prevent any member from going to Syria, and that message included that anyone leaving for Syria is considered a dissident and an apostate, and he indeed followed the colonel’s advice, by sending this directive, which can be interpreted as a as a warning to leaders, justifying it by claiming that the situation in Syria is not yet clear and they’d be well advised to stay put.Despite the directives of al-Baghdadi, pressure was boiling within the ranks of the Islamic State of Iraq, which led Haji Bakr to come up with the idea of forming a group of non-Iraqis go to Syria under the leadership of the organization, in order to prevent any leading Iraqi member of going there, and thus he believed that taking this measure would secure the state of Iraq, and assigned to the new leadership the task of of setting up the organization and summoning new members from abroad, and thus (Jabhat Al-Nusra) was founded and began to grow, led by Abu Mohammed al-Golani, who gained fame as the group grew and sweeled, and the name of Abu Mohammed al-Golani rose globally, with jihadis looked up to him, many of whom flocked from the Gulf, Tunisia, Libya, Morocco, Algeria, Europe and Yemen to Syria and joined the ranks of Al-Nusra with fervor.

He is currently the Chairman of the State Council, and a member of the Military Council of the Emirate’s public organization, was killed in Iraq in the Khalidiyah area.

Was his nickname in Iraq Abu Muhannad Suedawi Born in 1965, he was the Emir of Anbar and assumed management of the northern Kara sector, was captured by coalition forces in 2007 and released in 2010, took over responsibility for security within the organization, then sent as an advocate for Baghdadi to the city of Deir ez-Zor in Syria 2011-2012.

He was the top military officer in the city of Idlib and the mountainous region of Lattakia, and the countryside of Alepp.

He received a ph D in Islamic Sciences and was a professor in Tikrit university.

He was arrested by the allied forces on 04/01/2004, and was later released in Decebmber 2006.

This instant fame was fearsome for Haji Bakr and al-Baghdadi, who found it a cause for concern because there is no loyalty in Jabhat Al-Nusra’s ranks to the Islamic State of Iraq nor to al-Baghdadi.

The fear of the quickly growing influence of Al-Nusra turned Al-Golani into a credible threat to Al-Baghdadi, and the state of Iraq’s absence from the scene, Haji Bakr urged al-Baghdadi to order al-Golani to announce via an audio clip that Jabhat Al-Nusra is an official subsidiary of the Islamic State of Iraq, led by al-Baghdadi, Golani promised to think about the request, but days passed without a statement or answer, until later when al-Baghdadi sent him a rebuke and censure, to which he repiled and promised to think about his request and consult the matter with the Mujahideen and the faithful students.

He worked as a member of the judicial Emir of Anbar, the Emir of Fallujah, the Emir of Diyala, then the state of the northern sector of Baghdad, Judicial Emir of Samarra, gaining essential experience, having worked in most of western and central Iraq.

2 – Abu Abdul Rahman Al-Bilawy Whose real name is Adnan Ismail Najm, and goes by the nom-de-guerre Abu Abdul Rahman Al-Bilawy, head of the military council and a member of the Shoura Council.

He became the leader of the Islamic State of Iraq on 16/05/2010.

Following the death of its leader, Abu Omar al-Baghdadi, as the “right hand” of Abu Omar al-Baghdadi was the third in command in the organization, and he was the head of the States and the supervisor of operations management in the organization in 2008.

He managed, during his stay in Syria, to recruit over 1000 foreign fighters, who formed the foundation of ISIS.