Wpf oneway binding not updating

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Without reentrancy this would mean a deadlock, as shown in the download.

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Since by default there is no synchronization context, client calls are services on arbitrary worker threads. NET 2.0 synchronization context that always marshals the calls to the same thread.

Instead of using the synchronization context directly which serializes all calls to the service, you can use IDesign set of thread-safe Windows Forms controls - any service can access them as if running on the UI thread.

This enables the same service to update multiple forms on multiple threads, and only marshal when necessary.

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You can quite easily have your service update some UI on the host side.

All you have to do is open the host on the UI thread after establishing the Windows Forms synchronization context.When a service needs to update UI, if the service is not using the UI synchronization context, the service must manually marshal the call (which comes in on a worker thread) to the UI thread.The easiest way of doing that is using an anonymous method and a synchronization context, as shown in the download.To download demonstrates the required code changes, as well as where to place the fault contracts.WCF offers a the client a facility for dispatching calls to the service asynchronously.By default WCF will not let a service callback within a service operation to its clients.