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Each beer comes in a glass specifically created to complement its style.

If you're aiming for something more moderate, order a half pint, half a lager, or half a bitter.

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If you're ordering a number of beers, and one of them is a stout (like a Guinness), order the stout first since it takes some time to pour properly.

Toasting is customary, so here are some common toasts (recognizing that there are many local variations): If you're in Brussels or Wallonia, where most Belgians speak French, go to the brasserie (BRA-sir-REE), or pub, and ask for a beer by saying “Une bière” (oon BEE-yair), then cheers with “Santé!

" or "I have food poisoning, so please direct me to the bathroom and then the hospital.") The thing is, ordering beer isn't just a transaction—in Europe's beer capitals, it's a ritual. But most places have their own quirks and customs when it comes to etiquette, phrasing, and the beer itself.

Here's your abridged guide to not look like a complete outsider the next time you step in a pub halfway around the world.Thai is run by one of my most favorite online dating companies, Cupid Media.Cupid Media owns sites that I’ve used in the past like Brazil and If someone offers to buy a round, do not offer to pay for your portion. If you want to leave the barstaff a tip, simply ask the bar staff, “And one for yourself?” If accepted, they'll add the price of an additional drink to your bill. There are a lot of sites out there, but the best online dating sites in Thailand are few and far between.