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Super bowl ad gay dating site - parapalegic dating

It plans to "execute its media plan" by courting networks in the coming weeks.

And while the officials behind Man denied the Super Bowl ad controversy was a carefully calculated move to propagate publicity in knowing they would be rejected, they aren’t denying that the proceeding media storm has hadsome advantages.“Our goal is just to help people pursue the lifestyle that they want to pursue whether it is having an extramarital affair, being a swinger or being in a gay relationship,” Biderman said.“We are non-judgmental, adults should be left to be adults and what happens in the bedroom should be left there.When the Super Bowl rolls around, expect a frenzy of publicity for advertisements rejected by the hosting broadcast network.This time, the Web is buzzing with news about an ad for a gay dating site losing favour with CBS.We define niches that are haven't been explored or are immature." Coinciding with a storm of publicity over Man is Avid Life's financial news: it had planned to go public on the Toronto Stock Exchange in several week to raise at least million in an initial public offering, but insider sources told Reuters "efforts to woo investors seem to have met with a cool response." Analysts believe banks and major investors were hesitant to get involved in any deal.

This year, the buzz over controversial Super Bowl ads isn't limited solely to Man Crunch.

However the site is actually owned by Avid Life Media, which reportedly makes around million a year in revenue, through owning and operating a string of other niche-market online dating sites including (for those looking to have affairs), (for women looking for younger men), (for “beautiful” ladies seeking wealthy guys), (for swingers) and Hotor (to rate and meet others). “I am genuinely confused by the 'is it real or not' and 'hoax' tag...

this is a true gay dating service, a real commercial, and [we had] genuine intent to air it on the 2010 Super Bowl," Avid Life Media President Noel Biderman told Pop Tarts exclusively.

It launched last week and it reportedly has attracted 60,000 members.

In an interview with Digital Journal, Avid Life Media founder Noel Biderman said the Man Crunch ad will likely appear on other media outlets.

Though the debate over the ad has gathered massive attention for the site, she denied it was a publicity stunt."We think it's totally discriminatory that they're accepting other ads that make social statements, but they're not allowing ours," she said.