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Super bowl ad gay dating site - recent updated online dating sites

CBS rejected an ad to run during the Super Bowl for a gay dating site called Man, claiming the ad didn't comply with the company's Standards and Practices department.But Digital Journal learned the Man Crunch ad may soon be broadcast elsewhere.

CBS has rejected a gay dating site's Super Bowl ad, saying the 30-second clip, which features two male fans making out while watching the game, didn't meet the network's standards."Our company truly believes that identifying itself as legitimate alternative to the current male same sex services out there, would have been accelerated by placing what we feel is a very funny ad, on the Super Bowl.” “Had the commercial aired on the Super Bowl we did anticipate certain conservative groups and journalists to want to discuss the 'appropriateness' of the ad and nature of the Man Crunch service, and that would have put Man Crunch in the center of the debate it was truly hoping to create (and not necessarily have the last word on)," he added."We really thought the controversy would happen after the ad aired during Super Bowl, we are angry about the rejection and believe CBS acted in a discriminatory way.” In addition to being the Avid Life president, Biderman is the Founder & CEO of infidelity-promoting dating agency Ashley Madison, which isn’t exactly a beacon for gay rights.In a letter to Man that the site provided to, the network said that the clip was "not within the Network's Broadcast Standards for Super Bowl Sunday." CBS also said its sales department had difficulty verifying the company's financial information, but a Man Crunch spokeswoman said the company could afford to pay for the ad."After reviewing the ad — which is entirely commercial in nature — our Standards and Practices department decided not to accept this particular spot," CBS said in a statement.Earlier this week, the network was criticized by women's groups for approving a pro-life ad featuring college quarterback Tim Tebow and his mother.

Last week gay dating site Man cried foul when CBS rejected their ad submission for this year’s Super Bowl, claiming that the creative did not meet “broadcasting standards” and that the sales department had difficulties in verifying the previously unknown site’s “credit status.” This sparked speculation that the whole commercial, which the site said cost just under 0,000 to make, was a PR stunt, and that Man Crunch never had the .5 million to pay for the spot.However the site is actually owned by Avid Life Media, which reportedly makes around million a year in revenue, through owning and operating a string of other niche-market online dating sites including (for those looking to have affairs), (for women looking for younger men), (for “beautiful” ladies seeking wealthy guys), (for swingers) and Hotor (to rate and meet others). “I am genuinely confused by the 'is it real or not' and 'hoax' tag...this is a true gay dating service, a real commercial, and [we had] genuine intent to air it on the 2010 Super Bowl," Avid Life Media President Noel Biderman told Pop Tarts exclusively.We define niches that are haven't been explored or are immature." Coinciding with a storm of publicity over Man is Avid Life's financial news: it had planned to go public on the Toronto Stock Exchange in several week to raise at least million in an initial public offering, but insider sources told Reuters "efforts to woo investors seem to have met with a cool response." Analysts believe banks and major investors were hesitant to get involved in any deal.This year, the buzz over controversial Super Bowl ads isn't limited solely to Man Crunch.The 30-second spot shows two men watching a football game and then they both reach for the chips.