Who is gerard mccarthy dating

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Who is gerard mccarthy dating

Kris has come out to her, but Malachy's still keeping his secret.

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In her head, everyone in the bar is dancing, doing B*Witched's 'C'est La Vie'. Basically, in the final episode of the week, Malachy asks Mercedes to marry him there and then - no planning, no picking dresses, no nothing. And the priest comes out of the pub and he's drunk!All of the secrets are out and it all slots together.It's quite funny, too, because during the episodes, Kris and Malachy come face-to-face with their ex-girlfriends."It's a whirlwind of secrets during their stay as they learn one of their mother's, too, don't they? We find out that Ma Fisher has been having a bit on the side! Basically, if you break down the strands, the Ireland story is all about secrets within the Fisher family.By the end of episode five, everyone knows where they stand.Following his departure, it was announced that Mc Carthy would return in November 2010 for a short stint.

The character was created as one of four new students to be introduced into the series in 2006.

You see the real side of Kris when Malachy's around, as opposed to the 'performance' he puts on with others. When he's behind closed doors, he thinks he's 'safe'." Discussing his character at length with The Belfast Telegraph he said "Kris is a non-conformist.

If he wakes up in the morning and wants to dye his hair blue and stick a safety pin through his nose, then that's exactly what he'll do.

He goes to the cremation wearing a suit and by the time they come back with the urn and ashes, Kris's suitcase has arrived. Whilst everyone else is downstairs mourning dad, Kris goes upstairs and dresses up as Kylie Minogue…

He wears this fantastic white 'I Can't Get You Out of My Head' costume, with the white hood and slits up the side, right up to his waist. He goes to the wake, where everyone else is dressed in black…

At the time of creation the then producer of the series, Bryan Kirkwood described the character to actor Gerard Mc Carthy as "A cross between Pete Doherty, Pete Burns and Pete Bennett from Big Brother — a bit of a Boy George character." In early 2009 speculation came from magazines that he was about to quit the series after Mc Carthy's statement of his character saying: "There comes a time when every character reaches a point when it's natural and believable for them to leave.

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