Astronomical dating system

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Astronomical dating system - www tamildating com

31, the moon, Mars and Venus will form a tight triangle in the western sky.

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Don't zoom in too closely, or you'll miss some of them.

You might also be able to tell that Venus' disk is only 97 percent full, as shown in the enlarged inset.

To use your app to look for more matchups between the planets, the moon and bright stars, pick a convenient time of evening, select a planet and center it.

The calendar app issues notifications of upcoming showers and includes weather forecasts, moon phases and historical data. The Quadrantid meteor shower is named for a former constellation called the Mural Quadrant, which was located between Hercules and the tip of the Big Dipper, so Quadrantid meteors will appear to be traveling away from a location in the northeastern sky below the Big Dipper. 4, when up to 100 meteors per hour can be spotted under dark skies.

As 2017 kicks off, watch for a good shower known as the Quadrantid meteor shower. This year, the moon will be a waxing crescent on the peak dates and will not be in the sky before dawn, giving us a darker sky and a better show. The meteor shower was named for an obsolete northern constellation called the Mural Quadrant, so Quadrantid meteors will appear to be traveling away from a location in the northeastern sky, below the Big Dipper. 11 to 12, the sky for the popular and prolific summertime Perseid meteor shower will be washed out by a waning gibbous moon, spoiling the fun.

We'll also highlight the best meteor showers of 2017 and the best times to see Venus' phases and its brightest appearance. [The 100 Best Space Photos of 2016] Mars and Venus: On Oct.

Don't worry — part two will cover the eclipse, as well as opportunities to see Mercury shine, Jupiter's moons cross the planet and our own moon cover a star. 5, Mars will pass within 12 arc-minutes of Venus for a few hours that will be centered on noon EDT.13, when the two brightest planets will shine through the morning twilight low on the eastern horizon, separated by only 16 arc-minutes (about half the moon's diameter).The two will easily fit into the field of view of a low-power eyepiece.Venus will be brighter than Jupiter, and on the left.Look for Jupiter's four Galilean satellites, which will appear in an upright line around the planet.Observers on the West Coast will see the two planets rise in the closer configuration.

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