Astronomical dating system

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Astronomical dating system - Female masterbation chat room

You might also be able to tell that Venus' disk is only 97 percent full, as shown in the enlarged inset.

As 2017 kicks off, watch for a good shower known as the Quadrantid meteor shower. This year, the moon will be a waxing crescent on the peak dates and will not be in the sky before dawn, giving us a darker sky and a better show. The meteor shower was named for an obsolete northern constellation called the Mural Quadrant, so Quadrantid meteors will appear to be traveling away from a location in the northeastern sky, below the Big Dipper. 11 to 12, the sky for the popular and prolific summertime Perseid meteor shower will be washed out by a waning gibbous moon, spoiling the fun.[How Meteor Showers Work (Infographic)] During the shower period, you can look for meteors anywhere in the night sky, but they will be traveling away from a particular location in the sky that corresponds to the Earth's direction of travel (just as bugs splatter on a car's front windshield).This radiant point is usually near a particular star or constellation, and it gives the shower its name.In Sky Safari 5, you can use the Display settings menu to enable a field-of-view circle for your binoculars or telescope.If the planet sets, or the summer sky doesn't get dark enough, just choose another time and keep going. Meteor showers are a terrific excuse to get out under the stars and take in the splendor of the sky as you wait for the shooting stars. 31, the moon, Mars and Venus will form a tight triangle in the western sky.

All three will fit within the field of view of binoculars, and will make a great photo op for a tripod-mounted camera or smartphone.

You might also be able to tell that Venus' disk is only 97 percent full.

Venus will pass very close to Jupiter on the morning of Nov.

Then advance the date and watch for other objects to appear nearby.

Don't zoom in too closely, or you'll miss some of them.

Venus will be brighter than Jupiter, and located on the right when flipped by your telescope, as shown here.

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