Google latitude not updating location droid

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Then I realise that I could be making a mistake about what I'm looking for.The database requires limited memory at runtime (approx.

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These programs provide users of Microsoft Windows a way to transport documents, calendars, contact lists and email between their desktop computer and a mobile device. Copy contacts from your Non Motorola phone to Microsoft Outlook: Please contact your service provider or the manufacturer of your phone for information on how to transfer your contacts to Microsoft Outlook CLICK HERE for more information on using Verizon's Back-up Assistant Copy contacts from your Apple Macintosh Apple has an application called Address Book to CSV Exporter.

No settings have been changed so I don't know what had happened, does anyone know how to fix this bug?

So, I change it to every 20 seconds and 500m for distance which gives me a service running every 20 seconds.

To start, tap the "Check in here" button on a specific location.

Similar to rival service Foursquare, which has its "mayor" system, Latitude will award visitors with Regular, VIP, or Guru.

The i OS "Latitude app was built from the ground up using i OS 4's new multitasking capability to support background updating," Google said last year.

Just two days ago, Google started rolling out a new version of Maps.The application allows you to export your own Address Book in a CSV file that suits the “Import contacts” function on Gmail just following two steps. I created an object which will update its location every 5 minutes. I checked tutorials on internet but they are so complicated for a beginner. EDIT This is how my code looks now : public class Main Activity extends Activity implements Location Listener When I tried to test it, my app stopped working.The service was highlighted earlier this month at SXSW, so there are over 60 check-in options in the Austin, Texas area.The app is available for the i Phone 3GS, i Phone 4 and i Pad running i OS 4.0 or higher, as well as the third- and fourth-generation i Pod touch.In early 2013, the Chromebook Pixel is a luxurious experiment that shows potential, but is definitely first-generation hardware that is dependent on omnipresent Internet access.