Where can i find devotions for dating couples

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Continue Reading • 3 minute read October 12, 2015 • Kim Sullivan Fire has characteristics which benefit our faith.Discover how the imagery of fire can transform how we live as people who are fueled by the Holy Spirit.

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Continue Reading • 1 minute read June 1, 2015 • Jason Ruis Do you struggle with holding your tongue?

Continue Reading • 4 minute read October 5, 2015 • Deb Koster Romance is fueled by everyday acts of investing in one another's lives.

Discover ways to build romance into your relationship by cultivating intimacy.

The pastor thought for a moment, then asked the couple to name their favorite hymn.

They both said at the same time, “It Is Well With My Soul.” So the pastor told them to go home and either listen to or sing the hymn every night before they went to bed.

— Jeremiah 33:6 A pastor friend told the story of a couple who had come to him for counseling.

The couple had been married 40 or so years, and they were both plagued with guilt.

When the prophet received the prophecy recorded in chapter 33, Jerusalem was under siege from the invading Babylonians.

Soon God would allow his people to be carried away from their land into captivity and their land to be destroyed. The prophet went on to say that because of God’s immense love, God would heal Israel’s pain, cleanse the people from their sin, and restore them to abundant peace and security.

Like the couple who wrestled with memories of past sins, the Israelites would live with heartrending images of how their unfaithfulness to God had resulted in the burning and pillaging of their land. “Then this city will bring me renown, joy, praise and honor before all nations on earth that hear of all the good things I do for it,” God said (Jeremiah 33:9).

Likewise, God does not want us to be forever burdened with our past sins.

Continue Reading • 4 minute read June 8, 2015 • Deb Koster Our words have an impact on others.

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