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It turns out this Facebook group has received quite a bit of attention lately, much of it focusing on the tangled relationship between gender, the “male gaze” and issues around eating and self-image.

Sophie Wilkinson seems to have been short-changed in her interactions with Facebook, who ought to have been aware that there were data protection issues involved.Perhaps the footage thus generated has already made it onto You Tube, where it has no doubt generated equal measures of condescending mirth and calls for the mass extermination of heroin addicts.I didn’t really think about the incident until a week later, when I came across this article by Sophie Wilkinson, who was photographed without her permission, the photograph later posted to a Facebook group called Women Who Eat On Tubes.In forums, the messages are posted while in chat rooms, the messages are instantly delivered to the people.You just have to register yourself on the site by adding a user name of your site. If a new person enters the chat room, people get notified.In 2011, an Irish site called Luas Crush was shut down following intervention by the Data Protection Commissioner, who was less than pleased by the idea of user-submitted photos of men snapped on the Luas being posted online for the delectation of strangers.

The legal principles here involve privacy and data protection.Reams have been written about the power of the gaze, the imbalance between the viewer and the viewed. The middle class sneering at the dress sense or social graces of the working class.Most shared unauthorised images depend for their popularity on just this disparity. The issue is this – if you go around taking photos of people without their knowledge, you are being a creep.I have taken more photos in the past month than I did in entire years of my pre-smartphone life.This in turn has led to an increasing belief that exposure to a lens is part and parcel of being out in public.But that is not the end of the matter, whatever the owners of “stranger shaming” sites might like to suggest.

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