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With crime rates two to three times the national average, along with the following famous criminals that call it home, it’s pretty plain to see why Cleveland could so easily claim the title of Serial Killer Capital of America. Either way, though he may be more infamous as a kidnapper and rapist, he’s a serial killer. he was sentenced to life in prison plus a thousand years, just in case he turned out to be Wolverine or something.

That happy ending was short-lived, as five years later he went on a killing spree, killing two people in 1977, two more in 1980, and his own foster son in 1996.In 1983, Israel requested an extradition request for Demjanjuk, claiming that he was Ivan the Terrible, a notorious Nazi guard.After five long years of trial and legal wrangling, Demjanjuk was found guilty of being Ivan, and was sentenced to death by hanging.He was apprehended in 2009, and convicted of murdering five people.He was sentenced to be executed, but died on his own less than a month after entering prison. After his capture and arrest, Castro pled guilty to 937 counts of rape, kidnapping, and aggravated murder.

The girls finally escaped in early 2013, and the nation watched in horror as the case unraveled.Minor charges followed Gary around his adulthood until 1986, when he was charged with spousal rape and involuntary deviant sexual intercourse.By the end of 1986, Heidnik had kidnapped and tortured six young women over a one-year period, murdering two of them.Then in 2005, Cleveland again sought to be deport John/Ivan, this time to either Germany, Poland, or the Ukraine.Ending up in Germany, Demjanjuk, having traversed nearly 30 years in international court systems, was convicted as an accessory to the murder of 27,900 persons and sentenced to five years in prison.Cleveland may not be the city to move to if you enjoy winning sports championships, but it’s apparently the best place to be if you have murder in your blood. Not that it mattered much, as Castro died of asphyxiation just one month into his millennium-long sentence.