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How will you verify their identity and fulfil the request?Detail what you are doing to keep personal data safe.

Write down your policies and procedures for handling personal data.To that end, we have signed model contract clauses with our Irish subsidiary that cover the transfer of data in and out of the EU for processing.” Watch for form plugins that store personal data in the Word Press database.As you shouldn’t keep personal data for longer than required, the ideal situation is to delete it when it’s no longer needed.This might involve techniques like encryption, anonymization and access control.Any personal data breaches which would significantly harm individuals must be reported within 72 hours to the “relevant supervisory authority”. If the breach is serious enough, you’ll also need to tell the individuals affected.Chris from Automattic replied: “The only information sent to Akismet when a comment is tested for spam is information that the commenter provided: their name, email address, site URL, and comment (plus other non-personal information like the current time, etc.).

This information is not transferred to any non-Akismet servers, but we cannot guarantee in which country it will be processed.

Print, PDF, Email by Print Friendly collects user-submitted email addresses.

The developers have made a clear commitment to protecting personal data: Plugins like King Sumo run giveaways. Cookies are covered under the e Privacy regulation, separate from GDPR.

Create or update your privacy statement to explain what personal data you collect and what it is used for in a brief and readable way.

Don’t just copy and paste one; make sure that it is tailored to your business and the data you hold.

In effect, GDPR becomes the global standard for data protection.

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