Vintage scarves identifying fabric and dating

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Vintage scarves identifying fabric and dating - who is pierre from simple plan dating

I often get asked whether I remove the care tags from my scarves.To me, the look of even the most beautiful scarf in the prettiest knot gets diminished by a care tag which shows, which is why I take mine off.

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The 1942 line drawing by Jacqmar’s company designer Arnold Lever contains a selection of topical references.

Here’s much more about it and them c/o Meg Andrews, a specialist in antique costume and textiles.

And it’s still doing the job, though a little worn here and there. Admittedly, in this form it would have been wearable for a young teacher during her working day, whereas a head-scarf would not.

But have I made a false assumption that this was made a headscarf? My hunch is that this was a homemade item; look at the stitching visible beyond the binding – not a professional finish.

Underneath that is a length of late ’60s/early ’70s furnishing fabric.

They will all be available to use for patching at our skills-sharing repair socials (or sewcials, if you like a cutesy handle).I was delighted to have a huge bagful of fabric scraps donated recently for use by the Big Mend.Here are just a few, washed and pressed and ready to go.In my personal view, a missing care-tag does not devalue an Hermès scarf.After all it is just an instruction on how to clean a scarf.However, there is a value/important aspect to care tags, as their sizes, colors, designs and positions on a scarf have changed over time.