Vintage scarves identifying fabric and dating

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Vintage scarves identifying fabric and dating - true dating site scam

I often get asked whether I remove the care tags from my scarves.To me, the look of even the most beautiful scarf in the prettiest knot gets diminished by a care tag which shows, which is why I take mine off.

All of these had been carved up for the upcycling exploits of the previous owner.Underneath that is a length of late ’60s/early ’70s furnishing fabric.They will all be available to use for patching at our skills-sharing repair socials (or sewcials, if you like a cutesy handle).This poor, neglected blog is having its innards looked at.The content is broken, the ideas ragged, and (unfortunately or fortunately, depending on your perspective) the author is run off her feet doing other work and simply doesn’t have the time to look under the bonnet.We see all sorts of people turning up to do everything from sewing on a button to repairing the seat of their favourite jeans.

Tools and materials are mostly laid on gratis, again by yours truly. At least, for anything that you intend to wash once it’s repaired.

And it’s still doing the job, though a little worn here and there. Admittedly, in this form it would have been wearable for a young teacher during her working day, whereas a head-scarf would not.

But have I made a false assumption that this was made a headscarf? My hunch is that this was a homemade item; look at the stitching visible beyond the binding – not a professional finish.

The Big Mend sessions are open to everyone and anyone to come along with their mending pile and get guidance on how to work repairs.

I give my time and skills freely (as do all the generous people who help me run the events).

Until it’s up and running again, here is a pretty bundle of mending materials to gaze upon.

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