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But as traditional email falls out of favor with a growing sliver of the population, Google has struggled to release newer messaging tools that resonate widely.

Allo will use Google's expertise in AI to automatically understand texts and provide useful suggestions.It has two email services -- Gmail, which is the top email service in the U. based on unique visitors, according to Com Score, and Inbox; three text offerings, Hangouts, Messenger and the upcoming Allo; and now two video chat services, Duo and Hangouts (which offers texting and video calls).This scattershot approach, and Google's late start, is becoming more costly for the Alphabet division as messaging evolves from a simple way to communicate quickly into one of the next big technology platforms supporting digital commerce, advertising and new services powered by artificial-intelligence. in July, based on installs and usage, according to Similar Web.Duo is a mobile app and only allows one-to-one video calling, limiting it as a consumer offering.Allo, a messaging service coming out later this year, will also target consumers, Mr. Google's Messenger is a basic text system, part of a group of services provided to wireless carriers that work closely with Android. Fox says is better technology to the new services to catch up with rivals.Duo also uses phone numbers, rather than a Google account or Gmail address, making it easier to call friends, family and other people already stored on smartphone contact lists.

The company's existing video calling and messaging app, Hangouts, requires a Google account which limited adoption, especially in emerging markets.

‘Instant Video is a reflection of the ubiquity of video — we simply expect to have that ability in real-time, all the time.’ Snapchat has a similar feature which has been popular.

It comes after Facebook-owned Instragram introduced another Snapchatty feature, ‘Stories’, which has the same name in both apps.

Duo constantly performs "bandwidth estimation" to understand how much video can be delivered.

If Wi-Fi weakens, it switches to a phone's cellular network.

Google nailed email with the 2004 introduction of Gmail. The app works with mobile devices running Google's Android operating system and Apple's i OS.

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