Oracle triggers when updating

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Oracle triggers when updating - dating for ostomates

The traditional (now, out-of-date) solution is to define a package that contains a collection defined at the package level. So I can add information to the collection within the row-level trigger, and it will still be there when I bubble up to the statement-level trigger. CREATE OR REPLACE PACKAGE BODY equitable_salaries_pkg IS TYPE id_salary_rt IS RECORD ( employee_id employees.employee_id%TYPE , salary employees.salary%TYPE ); TYPE g_emp_info_t IS TABLE OF id_salary_rt INDEX BY PLS_INTEGER; g_emp_info g_emp_info_t; g_corrections_in_process BOOLEAN := FALSE; PROCEDURE initialize IS BEGIN g_emp_info.

Using this feature, I can combine all the different trigger events and code, plus they share scope like the subprograms of a package body.You might also find these resources helpful: ORACLE-BASE: Trigger Enhancements in Oracle Database 11g Release 1 ORACLE-BASE: Should you use triggers at all?I have a feature that will be used as an inspection.The common state is established when the triggering statement starts and is destroyed when the triggering statement completes, even when the triggering statement causes an variables which persist through the execution of the steps defined in the compound trigger.In particular, this error occurs when a row-level trigger attempts to read or write the table from which the trigger was fired.

Fortunately, the same restriction does not apply in statement-level triggers. Something that is changing is hard to analyze and to quantify.A mutating table error (ORA-04091) occurs when a row-level trigger tries to examine or change a table that is already undergoing change (via an INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE statement).purchase table has supplier_id, Product_id, quantity, price etc and Product table has product_id, name, type etc.I want to create a trigger that will update Product_count in product table (product_count is a derived column) when product is purchased and entered in purchase table. I tried : Create or replace trigger trig_product_count after insert on purchase for each row begin update product set product_count=product_count quantity where purchase_id=:new.purchase_id; exception .......COUNT 1; BEGIN IF NOT corrections_in_process THEN g_emp_info (l_index).employee_id := employee_id_in; g_emp_info (l_index).salary := salary_in; END IF; END add_employee_info; PROCEDURE make_equitable IS l_max_allowed employees.salary%TYPE; l_index PLS_INTEGER; BEGIN IF NOT corrections_in_process THEN starting_corrections; SELECT MIN (salary) * 25 INTO l_max_allowed FROM employees; WHILE (g_emp_info. Aren't you glad I wrote that, so you didn't have to?